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4 Jan. 1975
Tobin's Back in Town
Howard gets jealous when Ellen's ex comes to town with the intention of winning her back.
11 Jan. 1975
Think Smartly--Vote Hartley
Bob decides to run for the school board.
18 Jan. 1975
The Way We Weren't
Howard has a party and an old girlfriend attends. Howard worries about what Ellen thinks. Meanwhile, an old girlfriend of Bob's is in town and Bob does not want to talk to Emily about the girlfriend. Howard tells Emily about the girlfriend.
25 Jan. 1975
A Pound of Flesh
Jerry feels a bit depressed and decides to buy a motorcycle. He wants to borrow money from Bob. Bob turns him down and says it is to save their friendship. Jerry is upset that Bob won't loan him the money.
1 Feb. 1975
My Business Is Shrinking
Bob suffers a loss of confidence when several patients cancel appointments. He regains his groove by attending group therapy in a friend's office.
8 Feb. 1975
The New Look
Bob avoids Emily as she completely redecorates the apartment and he hates the result. When she gives away Bob's favorite chair it is just too much. A compromise is reached.
15 Feb. 1975
Bob Hits the Ceiling
Emily asks Bob to help her friend Diane with marital problems. Howard asks Bob to help his ex-wife with her marital problems. Bob is reluctant because he has a rule about treating friends, but he does agree. Of course, complications arise.
22 Feb. 1975
Emily Hits the Ceiling
The school season is over and Emily helps organize a summer camp for two weeks in July. Bob has a full schedule at work that time, so he is unable to help. His plans change so he can help, but the summer camp plan falls through after all.
8 Mar. 1975
The Ceiling Hits Bob
Bob's sagging office ceiling collapses and he must relocate all his patient sessions. Meanwhile, Carol gets a job offer hoping to make Bob and Jerry to give her a raise and Howard gets a job transfer to New York and informs Ellen that they are to get married and move.
13 Sep. 1975
The Longest Good Bye
Bob's college roommate ('the peeper') visits Chicago and shows he has not lost his school age demeanor. He keeps extending his stay, causing friction between Bob and Emily.
20 Sep. 1975
Here's Looking at You, Kid
Howard is ready to propose to Ellen. She accepts, but then each of them wonder if they are ready for marriage. Bob & Emily celebrate their wedding anniversary and discuss the gifts each receives.
27 Sep. 1975
Death of a Fruitman
Bob Hartley resists his therapy group booting out a caustic patient, when he doesn't show up with the brain cake at their birthday party for Bob. That's only part of Dr. Bob's bad day, but it gets worse when Emily isn't sufficiently sympathetic. To unload his anger, Bob uses reverse psychology on the often-missing Mr. Gianelli by calling him, shouting that he's out of the group, plus fired as a client. Bob expects the contrary Mr. Gianelli to return to group, contrite for his disruptive behavior. But before he can, Mr. Gianelli, a fruit vendor, is crushed to death by ...
4 Oct. 1975
Change Is Gonna Do Me Good
Emily starts to feel she and Bob are in a rut. They start trading jobs to shake up the routine. Each find it is not that easy to pick up the other person's job. Carol is also bored with her routine.
11 Oct. 1975
The Heavyweights
Bob's therapy group for overweight people has one negative member, saying it is thin people who have the problem against their weight. Bob asks Carol to sit in on the meeting since she used to be heavy. Carol is asked out by a heavy man.
18 Oct. 1975
Carol's Wedding
Emily has a penchant for setting up couples and Carol is her next target. However, when Carol's sudden romance with Larry leads to marriage, no one seems to believe that Carol will actually go through with it.
25 Oct. 1975
Shrinks Across the Sea
The Hartleys agree to host a French colleague and his wife when they visit Chicago. Things do not go as smoothly as they planned.
1 Nov. 1975
What's It All About, Albert?
Bob starts to question his profession thinking he has wasted the last twenty years of his life. He visits his former professor for some reassurance.
8 Nov. 1975
Who Is Mr. X?
Bob's asked by Ruth Corley ('Jennifer Warren'), to appear on her morning interview program. After taking up the charming, and demure-sounding Ruth on her offer, she turns into a cut-throat host, on-air, who has Bob in her clutches, and he lets it slip that one of the patients he's treated, is a politician, and everyone begins guessing who that person could be.
15 Nov. 1975
Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Bob wonders why a colleague has more free time than he. Frank says it is because his patients control his time instead of Bob setting specific office hours. Bob and Frank form a partnership, but Bob is uncomfortable about the setup.
22 Nov. 1975
Over the River and Through the Woods
With Emily out of town, Bob spends Thanksgiving with Jerry and Mr Carlin watching a football game. They proceed to get drunk and try to order Moo Goo Gai Pan from a Chinese restaurant for dinner.
29 Nov. 1975
Fathers and Sons and Mothers
Bob's mother stays with Bob and Emily while her house is being painted. Bob has issues with her meddling and treating him like a child.
6 Dec. 1975
The Article
Bob's sister, Ellen, wants to write a story for the newspaper about the doctors in Bob's building.
13 Dec. 1975
A Matter of Vice-Principal
Ed and Janet are a married couple who also teach at the same school as Emily. They all assume Ed will be named the new vice-principal and Emily suggests they have a party at the apartment to celebrate, which doesn't go as planned.
20 Dec. 1975
Bob Has to Have His Tonsils Out, So He Spends Christmas Eve in
While everyone else is making plans for Christmas, Bob learns he needs to be hospitalized right away to have his tonsils removed. Not only is he embarrassed by having the operation at his age but his nurse was once his patient as well.

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