Red Sun (1971) Poster


Charles Bronson: Link Stuart



  • Kuroda Jubie : Give me my clothes!

    Link Stuart : I'll give you your clothes, but first I want your word of honor that you won't kill Gauche on sight.

    Kuroda Jubie : My clothes!

    Link Stuart : Your word.

    Kuroda Jubie : [angrily speaks Japanese] 

    Link Stuart : Don't know what the hell that's all about, but it sounds like it's comin' from the heart. Well?

    Kuroda Jubie : Give me five minutes with him.

    Link Stuart : Not enough.

    Kuroda Jubie : One hour. Give me one full hour.

    Link Stuart : I need one full day. Kuroda, I need the time to make Gauche take me to the cash. I wanna be sure it's there.

    Kuroda Jubie : No!

    Link Stuart : All right, you suit yourself.

    [Kuroda starts to shiver in the cold] 

    Link Stuart : Turnin' blue. Won't be long you'll be nothing but a clump of ice. By nightfall you'll be frozen into the landscape, and you'll never avenge your friend or never get your sword. You're gonna end up in Japanese hell, a disgrace to your ancestors.

    Kuroda Jubie : You have my word, I will not kill the man until you say.

    Link Stuart : [smiles, gives him his clothes back]  Don't take it so hard. I think you're one hell of a man.

    Kuroda Jubie : I think you are one son of a bitch.

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