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Sex & Nudity

  • some prostitutes entertain a group of men on a train. breasts are seen. a woman strips nude and is assaulted with a cigar (offscreen) her breats and pubic region is visible. attempted rape and a "consentual" rape scene.

Violence & Gore

  • strong and ocasionally brutal violence.
  • in the opening scene is live cow is slaughtered. its throat is cut and its hide is sliced open and its meat is eaten.
  • a prostitute is assaulted and tortured (mostly offscreen) with a cigar and cigar cutter.
  • a man is shot in the head while squating down, using the bathroom. the back of his head explodes with blood and hair bursting out.
  • a man is shot through the eye and a shower of brains explode out the back of his head. he doesnt die right away, he lays on the ground and twitches and moans.
  • many men are massacred while cooling off in a small water hole. there are grisly, slow motion shots of bullet wounds ripping out of mens backs and chests with blood pouring out and flying through the air in slow motion.
  • a man is stabbed to death.
  • a man is shot in the face with a shotgun. we see his face covered in blood and wounds.
  • a man is shot multiple times. large bloody wounds open out of his chest. he falls to his knees and slowly dies.
  • a woman is shot through her vagina.
  • violence isnt very frequent but when it comes, its usually very bloody and harsh.


  • normal R rated language. not alot of profanity compared to modern films.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • a good amount of drinking. some smoking of cigars.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • the graphic violence and downbeat tone of the film may be disturbing to some. the violence is very intense in some scenes.

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