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21 Sep. 1969
Report 5055: Cult - Murder Shrieks Out
Strange and his team are called in after a performer with links to a charity organization dies under unusual circumstances. When the performer's singing partner is kidnapped, the case takes on an urgency that leads to answers that surprise everyone.
28 Sep. 1969
Report 0649: Skeleton - Let Sleeping Heroes Lie
The remains of a Blitz victim found while clearing a site reveal the man was murdered first. Strange and his cohorts try to solve the nearly thirty years old case, but unexpected official resistance complicates things.
5 Oct. 1969
Report 2641: Hostage - If You Won't Learn, Die!
A Chinese diplomat is kidnapped and a ransom note delivered. Strange must battle against the time table of the kidnappers and the outrage of the Chinese government to locate the missing man and secure his safe release.
12 Oct. 1969
Report 0846: Lonely Hearts - Who Killed Dan Cupid?
Strange is asked to investigate the death of the founder of a dating society. As the investigation continues he discovers the situation is far more complex than he imagined and he is slowly being drawn into a life and death situation.
19 Oct. 1969
Report 8319: Grenade - What Price Change?
Two opposing factions at a university are planning various activities to protest about the setting-up of a defence research unit on-site. Ham Gynt goes back to university to study the roots of the potentially explosive situation on the campus.
26 Oct. 1969
Report 3906: Cover Girls - Last Year's Model
The latest designs of an exclusive fashion house are stolen just before an important show, then mysteriously returned. Strange and Kaz determine they were copied and put back, and possible suspects are many.
2 Nov. 1969
Report 3424: Epidemic - A Most Curious Crime
Adam finds himself facing a man who turns blood into gold - by smuggling illegal immigrants into the country and making vast profits from their misery. With Ham's help, he teaches the rouge a lesson.
9 Nov. 1969
Report 2475: Revenge - When a Man Hates
Hunting the men that put him in prison, his suffering wife slowly realizes his goal. Will she do the right thing, and will it be too late for Strange?
23 Nov. 1969
Report 1021: Shrapnel - The Wish in the Dream
A piece of shrapnel in a dead man's body reveals an unexpected twist in an eternal triangle that reaches out of the past. Called in to attend the autopsy. Adam Strange finds himself personally involved.
30 Nov. 1969
Report 8944: Hand - A Matter of Witchcraft
Adam and Ham find themselves immersed in the chilling world of witchcraft when a beautiful young office secretary is murdered in brutal circumstances. Murder is one thing but as Adam finds out - the black-magic variety is difficult to solve.
7 Dec. 1969
Report 1553: Racist - A Most Dangerous Proposal
An outspoken minister is shot at a party hosted by a young woman. Evidence mounts that indicate her father, the head of a racist organization, may be responsible, but he seems too willing to be arrested.
14 Dec. 1969
Report 7931: Sniper - When Is Your Cousin Not?
Student demonstrations in an East European country, and murder, involve Adam Strange in a search for truth as well as a killer. Back in London. Ham comes up with a startling piece of evidence.
21 Dec. 1969
Report 4821: X-Ray - Who Weeps for the Doctor?
A hospital staff dance later ends in tragedy with the unexpected death of a neuro-surgeon - following his angry outburst at colleagues before he storms out of the party. But is his death all that it seems - did he receive help to end his life, to prevent the even worse lingering death that he thought awaited him? Adam Strange seeks to find the truth with his trademark surgical precision.
28 Dec. 1969
Report 2493: Kidnap - Whose Pretty Girl Are You?
When a beauty queen is 'kidnapped', Adam must find out whether the event has been organised as a publicity stunt or for real? If it's the latter, he has barely 24 hours to find the girl.
4 Jan. 1970
Report 4407: Heart - No Choice for the Donor
The police are baffled. A famous heart surgeon has been kidnapped but no random note is delivered nor is anything heard from abductors. Adam Strange is called in - and uncovers a most unusual reason for the man's disappearance.
11 Jan. 1970
Report 4977: Swindle - Square Root of Evil
When a Bank of England company responsible for printing genuine bank notes are duped into carrying out a massive order for a gang of swindlers. Adam Strange and his assistant Ham discover that greed lurks within.

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