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Season 3

26 Sep. 1973
The Pool House
A young man is accused of killing his girlfriend. Owen discovers that the prosecution has what appears to be a damning piece of evidence, a note found in his school locker, saying that she didn't want to see him anymore, but he suspects that it's a fake and attacks it in court.
17 Oct. 1973
N Is for Nightmare
A newly engaged couple in their 40's find their happiness short lived. Her teenage daughter is violated and killed with the fiance the chief suspect. Owen takes seemingly hopeless case when a Shakespearean quote changes the investigation.
24 Oct. 1973
The Camerons Are a Special Clan
A folk-rock singer, who comes from a family of prominent lawyers, is accused of pulling the plug on his terminally ill mother. The singer's father, a dear friend of Owen's, hires him to defend his son.
31 Oct. 1973
Poor Children of Eve
Attorney Owen Marshall agrees to defend a priest who's arrested for killing a girl he once dated. Marshall believes most of the evidence is circumstantial except for an eyewitness who declares she saw the accused at the scene of the crime.
12 Dec. 1973
The Prowler
When Howell is found murdered evidence starts to point to his wife Kit. She hires Owen to defend her and he finds his job more difficult as Kit had recently discovered her husband was having an affair with a nightclub singer.
2 Jan. 1974
Etude for a Kidnapper
A young hitchhiker, after accepting a ride, agrees to deliver a briefcase for the man. But the favor leads to the young man being charged with kidnapping and murder. It doesn't add up to Owen so he agrees to take the case.
19 Jan. 1974
House of Friends
Dr. Tannen, who runs a private clinic, is incensed when a young patient of his dies because a larger hospital wouldn't accept him, and publicly blames the other hospital for the boy's death. This makes him the defendant of a libel suit, for which he hires his friend Owen to defend him. Owen tries to get the doctor to retract his statements, but he steadfastly refuses, insisting on a trial, even though he's deathly ill himself and the strain could possibly kill him.
16 Feb. 1974
Subject: The Sterlization of Judy Simpson
Judy Simpson learns she's scheduled for sterilization because of a minor mental handicap. She shows up at Marshall's office to find out what her legal options are to prevent the operation. Owen agrees to take the case.
2 Mar. 1974
The Break In
Owen agrees to represent a detective who shoot and kills a young man burglarizing a home. The officer is being sued for wrongful death and Marshall must devise a strategy for his acquittal.
9 Mar. 1974
I've Promised You a Father: Part 2
Marshall defends Marcus Welby's colleague Dr. Steve Kiley, whose ex-girlfriend's sister has filed a paternity suit against him.
30 Mar. 1974
The Desertion of Keith Ryder
An old friend of Owen's asks him to defend his son in a military court for charges of desertion and assault on a Non-Commissioned Officer.

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