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7 Sep. 1974
He Is Among Us
Jean, a veteran policewoman, manages to escape from a rapist/murderer. She is ordered to take medical leave but Dr. Locke refuses to sign off, believing it's better for her to return to duty. Jean becomes focused on finding the man before he strikes again.
12 Oct. 1974
An Equal Right to Die
A lunatic is calling in false medical emergencies and killing the paramedics that respond. After losing his last partner, Dr. Locke is assigned Andrea, a colleague he formerly dated. Simon becomes overprotective but she insists she can do the job. The killer shows no partiality.
11 Feb. 1974
Portrait of Florenza
After a party, a millionaire's mansion is invaded and his prize painting is stolen, and a guard is wounded. His neglected wife turns out to have organized it as a prank, but it has spiraled out of control when the thief is determined to collect ransom.
18 Feb. 1974
Man Outside
Ed Morgan runs a construction business and has several near fatal "accidents". Dr. Locke patches him up but is determined to get to the source of the problem. Ed wants out of a syndicate smuggling opration but they consider him essential.
31 Oct. 1974
Fatal Deception
Southern beauty Mary Bell and her conman gambler husband Jason arrive in the city fleeing from a serious crime. Dr. Locke encounters a injured Jason, taking him to the hospital but is more disturbed by his wife's delusional behavior.
For an Encore, Murder
A second rate, hot-headed lounge singer is injured when his girlfriend is abducted, but nobody believes it all isn't part of a cheap publicity stunt. Desperate, he begs his wealthy, but very much estranged father for the ransom money but gets turned down.
Tad is a troubled young man who believes he accidentally killed his mother at age 8. Shielded from his strange actions by Aunt Anna and lawyer George Gillian, Dr. Locke asks to inject Tad with truth serum to learn what actually happened.
The Vanishing
For an important trial Dr. Locke accompanies witness Blinn in an ambulance. While Gordon waits with prosecutor Stacey, mobster Trock manages to switch vehicles so he can take out Blinn before his testimony. Things get tricky for Locke and his patient.
5 Jan. 1974
Smash Up
Careening off the road because of sabotaged brakes, a car crashes in a chemical warehouse. Locke and special fire rescue units try to extract a woman pinned in the wreck before explosive gases ignite, as her wheelchair-bound husband insists his business partner had to be responsible.
25 Feb. 1974
Borrowed Trouble
Charley is part of a loan shark operation but hasn't been turning in his client's payments. When several of them are severely beaten Dr. Locke is called in and he starts to add things up. Charley's daughter Ruth and her expensive tastes may be the problem.
4 Mar. 1974
A Bagfull of Dreams
No-account son-in-law of a wealthy drug dealer steals a car one day with a valuable shipment and his naive wife. They crash, and he must escape the hospital with the shipment in a suitcase, his father-in-law and the mob's wrath, as Dr. Locke tries to intervene.
3 Jun. 1974
Deadly Exchange
Crime figure Tabor is in custody so his henchman kidnap prosecutor Paul Madden in front of his wife. Exton contacts Lt. Gordon and Locke to exchange the two but they decline. A wounded Madden needs rescuing before he dies.
12 Sep. 1974
Man in the Middle
Dr. Locke, against Gordon's advice, meets gangster Rick at his prison release and escape attempts on their lives. Rick wants revenge on his mob boss Rusman who's also his girlfriend Gina's father. Simon must stop his elaborate assassination plot.
19 Sep. 1974
Singer Ann Raymond has organized crime connections and is also an informant for the DA 's office. An car bomb reveals she's involved with ambitious politician Paul Scott. Dr. Locke tells her that her activities could be a death warrant.
26 Sep. 1974
Target Ms. Blue
Policewoman Molly Sims increasingly cuts corners, including giving suspects the benefit of the doubt. Dr.Locke tries to convince her that it won't end well and Lenny, a hoodlum, intends to make her regret the break she gave him.
3 Oct. 1974
The Militant
Dr. Locke discovers Greg, a college classmate, has turned radical because he feels his future was derailed because his skin color. Simon thinks he can reason with the group but Les is willing to commit murder even if it means betraying Greg.
10 Oct. 1974
Bad Apple
Barney Davis wants to be a good cop but his brother Irv owes the mob and they decide to call in favors. When Barney is beaten Locke and Gordon become suspicious and decide to look closer at the officer's record.
17 Oct. 1974
No More Brass Bands
High stakes gamblers use ex-football star Larry to bring inexperienced players into the game. A man objecting ends up dead bringing Locke and Gordon to the scene. Larry defends his way of life refusing to assist the police.
24 Oct. 1974
Final Approach
Jimmy, a small time hood, is used by his gangster boss to take the fall for a crime. His romance with Polly has him initially agree but his later cooperation with Locke and Gordon could cost him his life.
7 Nov. 1974
The Killer
When a professional wrestler kills his opponent in the ring Lt. Gordon and the police become involved. But Simon is suspicious that there might be a medical reason for the homicide,
14 Nov. 1974
Lady Be Dead
Policewoman Jean is excellent on bunko duty exposing scams on the elderly. But she takes chances which concerns Locke and Gordon. A killer Walter tracks down a woman who can expose him so it's up to Jean to stop him.
21 Nov. 1974
The Loser
Sam is a counselor for troubled boys but an outing ends in death for Ted. Focus is on a vagrant but he is also killed. Simon believes Sam wants to be a friend to his wards rather then help them. And is shielding a murderer.
28 Nov. 1974
Siblings Rosalind and David Almont are arguing about his fiance Karen when he falls down the stairs. Locke and Gordon suspect a murder attempt putting the proud Rosalind under suspicion with David's behavior very unexpected.
5 Dec. 1974
Time Bomb
Simon is along on a narcotics raid bringing the doctor into the courtroom. Attorney Diana goes after him which complicates things romantically with Lt. Gordon. Then a jailbreak by the drug dealers proves deadly.
12 Dec. 1974
My Son, My Son
College roommates Paul and George need cash so they start committing armed robbery. During one Paul is shot plus recognized by his policeman father who keeps quiet. Paul's wound worsens and George becomes desperate.
19 Dec. 1974
Cry Murder
Valentina Thorpe, recently released from a sanitarium, meets with Howard her father's business partner who she believes murdered him. Everyone doubts her but then Simon decides to look closer at the situation.

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