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Season 5

10 Sep. 1975
A dying prisoner, a former hit man confesses to Cannon that he killed his wife and child 14 years ago when Cannon was a cop. Cannon investigates.
17 Sep. 1975
The Deadly Conspiracy: Part 1
Frank Cannon and Barnaby Jones investigate the rape and murder of a young woman who was about to blow the whistle on the company she was involved. But they are investigating for different clients and from totally different angles.
24 Sep. 1975
The Wrong Medicine
A doctor treats a diabetic in the emergency room and she then dies. He claims that the patient was wearing an indicator bracelet that has seemed to have vanished. Cannon is hired to investigate.
1 Oct. 1975
The Iceman
Cannon reinvestigates a 10 year old murder from when he was on the police force and begins to question if the man in prison is really innocent.
8 Oct. 1975
The Victim
Cannon is hired to find a popular recording artist who he believes is being held against her will. But when he finally finds her he begins to understand that there is a much more sinister reason for her being kept from the outside world.
15 Oct. 1975
The Man Who Died Twice
Cannon teams up with former officers who were on the force the same time he was. Their task is to find another colleague who they believed was dead for the past eight years, but now suspected of killing those he was involved with in crime.
22 Oct. 1975
A Touch of Venom
A group of terrorists have drugged Cannon with a poison, giving him 72 hours to give them a defector and receive the antidote or die.
29 Oct. 1975
Man in the Middle
An old friend hires Cannon to bring back the body of his dead son from Mexico and to find his killer. Cannon agrees, but he uncovers a few surprises in the process.
5 Nov. 1975
Fall Guy
Cannon investigates on the behalf of a oil executive who claims he is being framed for fraud and embezzlement. But he runs into heavy resistance in his investigation from the corporations domineering female president.
5 Nov. 1975
The Melted Man
Cannon unravels a murder plot that was made to look like it involved the Chinese Tongs gang. But the intended victim turns the tables on the real man behind the plot and try's eliminate Cannon in the process.
19 Nov. 1975
The Wedding March
Cannon and a female vice squad officer who's on leave after being viciously beaten while undercover posing as a prostitute go after this same man who has previously beaten prostitutes to death while playing the music "The Wedding March".
26 Nov. 1975
The Hero
Cannon protects a man and his wife from the members of a small motorcycle riding cult that are bent on avenging the death of one of their own.
3 Dec. 1975
To Still the Voice
Cannon investigates the possibility that there is a conspiracy behind the assassination of a black female politician.
10 Dec. 1975
The Star
When the son of a famous actress disappears the police think its another instance of his recurring drug problem. Cannon is hired to find him, but no one is telling him the whole truth.
17 Dec. 1975
The Games Children Play
The mastermind behind the kidnapping of an infirm prince is also the man helping Cannon with his investigation.
7 Jan. 1976
The Reformer
Frank Cannon takes up the case when it appears that the head of a newspaper is being framed for the murder of a prostitute.
14 Jan. 1976
The House of Cards
A small town newspaperman takes on a duel identity and fakes his own murder. Cannon is hired by his wife to investigate.
21 Jan. 1976
Cannon becomes a hunted man when a young South Korean man comes after him seeking revenge for his late father who was a tortured prisoner of war during the Korean War-and he believes Cannon is solely responsible for it.
28 Jan. 1976
Cry Wolf
Cannon investigates when the grandson of the billionaire fakes his own kidnapping to get his trust fund money, but get gets involved with the wrong type of people.
4 Feb. 1976
The Quasar Kill
Cannon investigates the death of a scientist who designed a computer that searches for extra terrestrial signals. But was he murdered by an entity from outer space or by a fellow scientist with something to hide?
11 Feb. 1976
A mobster hires Cannon to find out who tried to kill his ex-wife in a failed hit attempt. But Cannon suspects the mobster himself may be the actual target after another attempt is made on him and not his ex-wife.
18 Feb. 1976
Point After Death
Cannon investigates the murder of a woman who was the girlfriend of a professional football quarterback.
25 Feb. 1976
The nephew of a tycoon commits suicide, but he suspects foul play and hires Cannon to investigate.
3 Mar. 1976
An Army officer showing signs of a deep psychosis is on the loose with an M-16 rifle somewhere on base. His wife calls Frank Cannon in to investigate and to help bring him in before the Army is forced to kill him.

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