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a gentle sitcom
roberts_6625 July 2010
For the Love of Ada appears on the surface to be quite a gentle sitcom, but when you examine the scripts and the subject matter contained what you get is quite a provocative comedy, it refers to death, affairs, social attitudes and ageism.

It succeeds because of the quality of the writing and a great cast. Irene Handle and Wilfred Pickles sparkle as the geriatric couple with a sparkle in their eyes, living a second teenage phase. These are complemented by the wonderful and sadly missed Barabara Mitchel, and the very underrated and much maligned Jack Smethurst.

A definite gem in ITV,s crown.
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The brilliance of Handl and Pickles make for a funny and moving comedy series.
Sleepin_Dragon13 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
On the surface you could be forgiven for merely considering this as one of those gentle old fashioned sitcoms a la Last of the Summer Wine, but far from it, when you look closely you will find a very deep and meaningful core.

Irene Handl, a definite British institution who never failed to entertain and amuse in any role, she is utterly hilarious as Ada. Wilfred Pickles is also wonderful, a truly talented Yorkshire man. The pair combine beautifully, they cause genuine laughs, cause the odd tear, but always leave you with a feel good factor. Mitchell and Smethurst are excellent too, great characters.

One scene in particular that chokes me, is when Walter decides to sell his father's military medal, to buy Ada's engagement ring, he discusses his father's bravery and blindness. It's intensely moving, Pickles' acting is superb. So many great moments.

The scenes in the graveyard Series 1 look very studio bound, but that was changed in the second series, looked so much better.

It has a very deep social message, looking at attitudes towards the elderly, and attitudes generally in 1970's Britain.

Don't be put off by the age of it, this is excellent viewing. 9/10
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Gentle humour from Powell & Driver
RaspberryLucozade2 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Before Vince Powell and Harry Driver tackled racism as a subject for comedy with 'Love Thy Neighbour'. they penned this sweet little show which was a heartwarming tale about two elderly people finding romance. Broadcast from Thames Television, 'For The Love Of Ada' featured Irene Handl as Ada Creswell ( in a role that was apparently written for Beryl Reid ), a widow of many years who befriends and ends up courting Walter BIngley ( Wilfred Pickles ), a gravedigger who works in the local cemetery and who is the same one who buried her husband.

Ada's relationship with Walter at first worries her aloof daughter Ruth ( the attractive, and sadly deceased, Barbara Mitchell ) but over time she gradually comes to accept her mother's choice. The second series sees Walter and Ada getting married and in the fourth series ( which was the last ) they became grandparents when Ruth and her husband Leslie ( played wonderfully by Jack Smeithurst ) had a baby boy, which they named Antony.

The show was intended as easy light viewing rather than being played for loud guffaws, something which seemed to be established in the opening and closing credits, which lacked applause from the studio audience ( an uncommon practice back then ). Irene Handl was marvelous as Ada and she was ably backed up by th fine supporting cast, particularly Jack Smethurst, who later found greater success when Powell and Driver placed him in the leading role of Eddie Booth in 'Love Thy Neighbour'. A feature film was made in 1972 but it was not as good.

All four series plus the film are out on DVD and make fine viewing for those who just want to unwind from the awfulness of the real world.
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great film
ktodd-776075 September 2019
Wonderfully acted from the heart. The entire cast sparkle the relationship between the two main stars is absolutely perfect. Wish this film was on TV as I would watch this again and again.
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