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Must see!
nickrogers196919 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a document of it's time -1968. The turbulent time when old values were thrown out for new ideas and attitudes. It's a parody of all what was considered correct and incorrect among the young and the older generation. It's a very broad comedy, not very subtle. Silly but I love it!

Loads of famous Swedish film stars are in it, some from Bergman films, like Jarl Kulle and Gunn Wållgren. They had no qualms appearing in such a silly film. They gladly made fools of themselves and seemed to enjoy it. These kinds of films are just not made any longer.

It's an old-style bawdy Swedish comedy dealing with trendy new topics at the time. It's fascinating to see themes like pornography, Marxism, capitalism, beauty contests all thrown in together. It takes nothing seriously and throws everything into the big bubbly pool at the end. I wonder if the young hippies at the time or their parents liked it at all. Everybody gets made fun of. I think everybody involved with this film were probably very embarrassed of it later on... Great fun to watch and study. It was a very special time in Swedish (film)history!
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