The Bridge at Remagen (1969) Poster

Bradford Dillman: Maj. Barnes


  • General Shinner : We're not going to blow that bridge, Barnes, we're going to take it!

    Major Barnes : Take it?

    General Shinner : As long as it's still standing, we've got a chance. When we get out there, cut every wire and cable. Dent, alert HQ. Ask 'em to give us every available unit on the double.

    Col. Dent : Yessir.

    Major Barnes : Jesus, sir. I mean, I hate to think of our men in the middle of the bridge when they blow it.

    General Shinner : It's a crapshoot, Major. Take that bridge and we shorten the war. We're risking a hundred men, but we may save 10,000 - even 50,000! It's your chance to make history, Major! What you've got to do is throw your men across. Now, Major!

  • Lt. Phil Hartman : How do you know Stadt Meckenheim isn't crawling with Germans? What if they unload on us?

    Major Barnes : Then we'll know, won't we, Lieutenant?

  • Major Barnes : Look, uh, Hartman, I know it's been a hard blow. It's always a shock to lose a buddy, a man you worked with and fought with. I mean, we're all human. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I realize Captain Colt was your friend. He was my friend, too.

    Lt. Phil Hartman : Bullshit.

    [Long pause] 

    Major Barnes : Would you, uh... care to rephrase that, Lieutenant?

    Lt. Phil Hartman : You don't have any friends out here, Major. Neither do I. We can't afford them. Neither one of us.

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