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Season 1

24 Mar. 1969
A newspaper reporter quits his job and travels across America by motorcycle.
17 Sep. 1969
The Runner
At a camp for children with autism, Jim befriends Johnny: a young autistic boy who is known as "The Runner."
24 Sep. 1969
The Old Motorcycle Fiasco
Old-timer Alex invites Jim to use his ranch to work on his damaged bike with the hopes that Bronson will repair his Rudge Ulster; a bike that has been garaged since 1946 due to Alex's wife's hatred of motorcycles.
1 Oct. 1969
A Famine Where Abundance Lies
Knowing that Bronson is short on cash, lonely widow Monica offers him a job on her guest ranch. During Jim's stay, Monica's teenage daughter Lori becomes quite enamored with Jim; and so does her mother.
17 Dec. 1969
The Spitball Kid
Jim mentors an aspiring young pitcher and enjoys some time back on the baseball field.
24 Dec. 1969
Against a Blank Cold Wall
Jim ditches the motorcycle and takes to to a horse in order to visit old friends who are living in the wilderness.
31 Dec. 1969
Bronson comes to the aid of an attractive young witch. He encounters her friends and their bizarre world of magic.
21 Jan. 1970
The Gleam of the Eagle Mind
Jim follows a van that sprayed him in mud, and soon accepts the artist-driver's ten dollar barn painting deal. When a giant nude is instead painted on a wall, several men each claim the subject was their wife - lawsuits forthcoming.
28 Jan. 1970
That Undiscovered Country...
Jim wanders into a small town and is invited to eat with an Amish family. He makes a big impression on them and offers them much to consider about their ways and lifestyle.
4 Feb. 1970
Lucky Day
Jim arrives in Reno to visit his cousin Eve. Because Jim is in town, Eve and her fiancé Len decide on an impromptu wedding. When Jim lends the couple money for the ceremony, trouble ensues.
4 Mar. 1970
The Forest Primeval
Jim goes into a national park to get away from the noise of society and commune with Nature, not realizing that he's accidentally taken a wrong road as a major storm approaches.

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