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Season 2

10 Jan. 1971
The Magic Riddle
Imprisoned for his witchcraft, Catweazle dupes his guard and travels to the 20th Century in an identical fashion to the way he did in S1 Episode 1.
17 Jan. 1971
Duck Halt
In his quest for astrological symbols, Catweazle obtains a tricycle, a pub sign representing Taurus, and holes up in a railway station disused since the Beeching cuts.
24 Jan. 1971
The Heavenly Twins
Whilst hunting for Gemini, the next sign of the Zodiac, Catweazle creates havoc at a children's magic show.
31 Jan. 1971
The Sign of the Crab
Following a burglary at King's Farthing, Catweazle is duped into handling the stolen hoard.
7 Feb. 1971
The Black Wheels
When Groome loses his voice, Catweazle's efforts to find it cause mayhem for the residents of King's Farthing.
14 Feb. 1971
The Wogle Stone
Lord Collingford is considering selling King's Farthing along with Duck Halt (which is Catweazle's home) to a property tycoon. When Catweazle hears about this he sets about finding a Wogle Stone as "No man can build where stands the Wogle Stone".
21 Feb. 1971
The Enchanted King
Catweazle believes that a local sculpture is an evil wizard who need to be vanquished in order for the next sign of the Zodiac to be revealed. The sign of the balances.
28 Feb. 1971
The Familiar Spirit
Catweazle's quest to secure all the astrological symbols continues with a search for the scorpion. Touchwood takes ill and Cedric recommends a local zoologist.
7 Mar. 1971
The Ghost Hunters
Catweazle's search for the sign of Sagittarius leads to an encounter with a pair of charlatan ghost hunters.
14 Mar. 1971
The Walking Trees
In his quest for Capricorn, Catweazle is captured as a spy in a war game by Tony Selby in a dry run for Get Some In.
21 Mar. 1971
The Battle of the Giants
Poorly Catweazle's remedy potion gets mixed up with Groome's marrow fertiliser; the result is Cedric's is bigger than both Groome's and his dad's, so earning him an Aquarian prize to donate to Catweazle's collection.
28 Mar. 1971
The Magic Circle
A pair of goldfish added to his Zodiac symbols, Catweazle tries to jump into water. Is he really trapped in time - or is it just film being run backwards?
4 Apr. 1971
The Thirteenth Sign
Catweazle flies - but when - and where - will he land?

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