What's So Bad About Feeling Good? (1968) Poster

George Peppard: Pete



  • Amigo : [speech balloon]  Oh Boy! Grapes.

    Pete : What the hell is that?

    Liz : Get a load o' that beak!

    Pete : Come on, you. Hey! Hey! Those are *my* grapes.

    Liz : Oh, let 'im eat 'em. He's probably hungry.

    Pete : Oh sure. Make a pet out of him, get emotionally involved. That what you want?

    Liz : I don't care if you have him for breakfast.

  • Pete : Hey listen.

    Liz : To what, the traffic?

    Pete : Kids laughing.

    Liz : You know *why* they're laughing? 'Cause they're not old enough to read the newspaper. You take a look at the front page and then try laughing. The world's a stinking, hopeless mess! Oh, Pete, you're sick.

  • Pete : Come 'ere! Come 'ere. Look. In this cruddy pile o' junk: a flower. The odds against survival must've been a million to one. But it made it. Couple of drops of rain, and some sun...

    Liz : Pete, what's wrong? What's the matter with you?

  • Bolton : And now gentlemen, is there one *honest* claim we can make for Ultra?

    Pete : Well, we could say they're round.

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