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  • Vixen lives in a Canadian mountain resort with her naive pilot husband. While he's away flying in tourists, she gets it on with practically everybody including a husband and his wife, and even her biker brother. She is openly racist, and she makes it clear that she won't do the wild thing with her brother's biker friend, who is black.


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  • Vixen is the nymphomaniac spouse of a bush pilot who owns a fishing lodge in British Columbia. While her husband, Tom, is away, Vixen frolics in the woods with a Canadian Mountie and then returns to the lodge to tease her motorcyclist brother Jud and insult his black friend Niles, a draft dodger from the States.

    When Tom flies in with a young married couple, Dave and Janet King, Vixen takes immediate advantage of the situation by seducing Dave, midstream, during a fishing expedition. At the same time, Janet attempts to arouse Tom, but she meets with no success. Her frustration is assuaged the next day, however, when Vixen recommends "a change of pace" and takes her to bed. Their lovemaking is interrupted when Dave appears, but, rather than being upset, he merely takes over where Vixen has left off.

    After the apparently happier couple has left, Vixen contents herself with her husband until he is once more forced to leave. She then corners her brother in the shower, unaware that they are being observed through a window by Niles. Sensing that his friend has been stimulated, Jud encourages Niles to pursue Vixen, a feat he undertakes with such zealousness that Vixen is saved from rape only by the unexpected return of Tom.

    This time he has brought back a bearded Irishman, O'Banion, who has hired Tom to fly him to San Francisco. O'Banion's dealings, however, are only a pretense, for he is actually a Communist who intends to hijack the plane to Cuba--and quickly sensing that the young draft dodger might be a willing accomplice, he persuades Niles to join Tom and Vixen on the flight. Once aloft, Vixen has a heated argument with Niles and is instrumental in getting him to help thwart O'Banion's hijacking scheme. When the plane lands in the States, O'Banion is turned over to the authorities, and Niles decides to remain there as it is "the lesser of two evils."

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