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15 Jan. 1973
Episode #6.16
Guest Robert Goulet plays a Greek folk dancer, Sir Lancelot, and Bert Barks, a beauty pageant host. The cast parodies the hit Broadway musical Camelot.
29 Jan. 1973
Episode #6.18
The cast and guests look at the American presidency. Skits include a press conference handled like an evening talk show. The president practices drinking vodka before a Russia trip. A president stays in the White House after losing.
5 Feb. 1973
Episode #6.19
Special guest Phyllis Diller does a standup performance about her recent face lift. She plays classical piano, dances the French can can, then appears a a chicken. The entire cast salutes the jet set.
19 Feb. 1973
Episode #6.21
Guest Meredith Baxter and David Birney play an indignant wife and her husband who's has too much to drink. Then the married couple are two co-stars who carry their disagreement onto the movie set.
26 Feb. 1973
Johnny Carson, Sandy Duncan, Arthur Godfrey, Charlie Callas
In a Three Musketeers skit Charlie Callas, Johnny Carson, and Arthur Godfrey play the intrepid trio. Sandy Duncan portrays an off the wall art dealer. The entire cast looks at the world of circuses.
5 Mar. 1973
Episode #6.23
Guest Dom DeLuise portrays an Apache dancer. Then he is Dominick the Great the amazing juggler, magician, but also a fraud. The cast salutes the world of actors.
12 Mar. 1973
Episode #6.24
Sketches include Beauty parlor, Girdle shop visit with Edith-Ann, Drunk quickies, Marriage counselor, Cannibal blackouts, Fickle finger of fate aware, Emission quickie, Plastic surgery, Study of wife swapping, Trading stamps, Noise line, Lily's stammering lady, Preview of upcoming shows, The Swizzlers, General Bullwright's report, and Clown closing. Featuring Sammy Davis, Jr.

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