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24 Sep. 1968
Dinner for Mom
It's Doris' birthday and the boys want to treat her to a dinner out. What's more they insist on paying for it themselves. Doris has some backup money just in case. When they arrive at the restaurant it's not quite what Doris was's a smoke filled Road House. When the check comes the boys are short and her backup money didn't quite pan out.
1 Oct. 1968
The Uniform
Billy's made pitcher of the baseball team and has a brand new uniform to prove it. Everyone is proud and Toby wants to show he can get a uniform too. He tries out for the school choir but isn't chosen to join. Toby can't let his mom and grandfather down by telling them he failed and he is desperate for a uniform that he constructs a web of lies to conceal the truth.
8 Oct. 1968
The Friend
Mr. Digby's been appointed faculty advisor for the school's milk fund drive and has arranged for Pritchart's dairy to donate 200 pints of milk a day for the school, but there's one condition.Pritchart wants to photograph the typical American farm family and use it in his advertising, and Doris is chosen.
22 Oct. 1968
The Matchmakers
The annual father/son picnic leaves grandpa sore and tired and the boys disappointed in coming in last in all events. They think that if they help their mom meet someone new who's younger and faster they will do better next year. They try to fix their mom up with Deputy Sheriff Ubbie Puckum. Ubbie is quite conceited though and comes on way too strong. Doris, Buck and Aggie conspire together to scare Ubbie off.
29 Oct. 1968
The Songwriter
Leroy is convince there's fast & big money to be made writing lyrics to country songs. He writes a song and submits it to a record company and it is accepted. He is sent a letter asking for 4 or 5 more similar songs. Doris and Buck are perplexed because to them the song is not very good but it all becomes clear when they find out Leroy pays them $50 to put his lyrics to music.
12 Nov. 1968
The Antique
The boys sell an old table they thought no one wanted to two unscrupulous antique dealers. The table is an antique that Buck's grandmother brought with her when she came out west. Doris is upset with the boys for not respecting other people's property but when the ladies come back for an old stove they want she must come up with a plan to outsmart them and get the table back.
19 Nov. 1968
LeRoy B. Simpson
Aggie and Doris are making fresh bread which causes them to reminisce about their first meeting with Leroy. Leroy's hiding in the barn while the boys are sneaking him food. He's alone and has no place to go. The boys think if Leroy can prove his worth around the farm Buck will ask him to stay on. But Buck isn't easy to impress especially when things begin to disappear around the house.
26 Nov. 1968
The Black Eye
Billy receives a letter and won't let anyone else know who sent it or what it says. The mystery deepens when he comes home from school with a black eye and won't tell who gave it to him. The only thing he does say is that he didn't fight back. Buck and Doris disagree on how to handle this...Buck wants Billy to fight back and Doris wants him to handle it his own way without resorting to violence.
3 Dec. 1968
The Librarian
Doris coaches LeRoy in poetry after he falls for the local librarian and tries to impress her by signing up for a poetry conference.
10 Dec. 1968
The Camping Trip
A feud between old camping buddies Joe Whitecloud and Buck threatens to ruin their trip scheduled with the boys, until Doris and LeeRoy put a plan in motion to reunite them.
17 Dec. 1968
The Job
Doris' former employer in New York City comes to visit with intentions of wooing her into returning to New York to resume her position permanently.
24 Dec. 1968
Buck's Girl
Buck's long-time friendship with Doc is put to the test when they both fall in love with the new manicurist in town.
31 Dec. 1968
The Relatives
Leroy's relatives visit him at the farm, and Doris and the family discover, to their horror, that compared to the rest of his family, Leroy is actually the smart one.
7 Jan. 1969
Love a Duck
Trespasser Tyrone Lovey and his shotgun cause headaches for Doris and the ranch.
21 Jan. 1969
Let Them Out of the Nest
The boys take over a friends egg route, but it's mom Doris who soon discovers the egg business isn't 'all it's cracked up to be'.
28 Jan. 1969
The Clock
Doris is losing sleep over a gift from LeRoy.
4 Feb. 1969
The Buddy
A retired Marine buddy of Buck's comes to visit, and whips things into tip-top shape during Doris and Juanita's absence.
11 Feb. 1969
The Flyboy
A womanizing Air Force pilot bets his buddies that he can get a date with Doris.
18 Feb. 1969
The Tournament
LeRoy lends his expertise and a helping hand as Buck's partner in a horseshoe throwing competition.
4 Mar. 1969
Love Thy Neighbor
It's irresistible force meets immovable object when Doris comes to collect a debt from her eccentric neighbors the Tugwells.
11 Mar. 1969
The Con Man
A con man arrives in Cortina with a scheme to swindle the residents out of their money by promising to build them a community center. When Doris discovers what he's up to, she sets out to expose his scheme.
18 Mar. 1969
The Musical
Doris directs the elementary school play, but her thoroughly modern dance musical meets resistance from the conservative principal.
25 Mar. 1969
The Baby Sitter
Doris finds herself in the middle of chaos while taking care of the children of a neighbor about to have a baby.
1 Apr. 1969
The Still
When the revenuers come calling in Cotina, Doris helps hide the hundred-proof evidence for the moonshine-distilling Lindsay sisters.
8 Apr. 1969
The Gift
LeRoy's one year anniversary as a hired hand is soon approaching, and Doris and family plan a special surprise.
15 Apr. 1969
The Tiger
A tame tiger escapes from its owner and winds up in Doris' house. Doris plans to take it back to its owner, but the tiger escapes again and Doris and LeRoy set out to find it before it's tracked down and shot by hunters.
22 Apr. 1969
The Date
Doris sets up a blind date between Buck's friend, Frank, and Juanita, which leads to greater expectations by Juanita, than what Frank has in mind.
29 Apr. 1969
The Five Dollar Bill
Billy's good deed leads to suspicion and false accusations of theft by a neighbor.

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