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Season 5

11 Sep. 1972
No More Advice... Please
Doris and Peter claim to be comfortable with their open relationship ... until Doris is charmed and wooed by a handsome, bestselling author.
18 Sep. 1972
The Great Talent Raid
Doris accepts a lucrative offer from Prestige Magazine, sparking a war between it and Today's World Magazine.
25 Sep. 1972
Just a Miss Understanding
To finance her lavish lifestyle, Doris secretly moonlights as Miss Understanding, hosting an overnight advice radio program and arousing Peter's suspicions.
2 Oct. 1972
The Press Secretary
Cupid casts a ballot when Doris signs on as press secretary to dashing congressional candidate Jonathan Rusk.
9 Oct. 1972
Peeping Tom
Doris fears a peeping tom is watching her from a neighboring rooftop.
16 Oct. 1972
Forgive and Forget
Doris pens a piece critical of the divorce epidemic, calling on couples to forgive and forget hurts and betrayals. But Doris finds it difficult to heed her own counsel when she suspects Peter of a fling with a beautiful young actress.
23 Oct. 1972
Debt of Honor
Doris discovers how wealthy she really is when she needs $1,100 in a hurry.
6 Nov. 1972
Jimmy the Gent
Doris goes undercover and in disguise to land an interview with a hospitalized criminal, contending with a disapproving Peter, eccentric patients and a nosy nurse.
13 Nov. 1972
The Music Man
Doris becomes romantically entangled with the young pop star she's profiling for Today's World, putting her at odds with Cy when it begins affecting her journalistic standards.
20 Nov. 1972
Defective Story
Doris warms up the Cold War when her beauty catches the eye of an amorous Soviet general rumored to be planning a defection to the West.
27 Nov. 1972
The Co-Op
To keep their apartment complex from being bought by a conglomerate, Doris, Mr. Jarvis and the other tenants meet to discuss buying the building themselves and creating a co-op.
11 Dec. 1972
Anniversary Gift
Peter's anniversary gift to Doris of an antique automobile literally backfires when its constant breakdowns result in Doris being chronically late for dates and work.
18 Dec. 1972
The New Boss
Doris sits in for Cy and serves as editor-in-chief for one issue of Today's World Magazine.
1 Jan. 1973
Follow That Dog
A retired mobster makes Doris an offer she can't refuse: he'll donate $10,000 to her animal charity if she will babysit his dog Tiger for two weeks. It won't be easy money because the reigning syndicate leader as well as the police are determined to get their hands on the pooch.
8 Jan. 1973
The Hoax
After the photogenic Doris is approached by a charming talent scout (Andy Griffith), Cy assigns her to go undercover as an aspiring actress and write an expose of the phony talent agency racket.
15 Jan. 1973
The Last Huzzah
Today's World Magazine's 40-year veteran linotypist Sam Johnson is turning 65 and eagerly anticipating retirement, until Doris coerces him into challenging the company's compulsory retirement policy.
22 Jan. 1973
Hospital Benefit
Doris puts together and appears as the only model in a fashion show to help fund an expansion of Peter's hospital.
29 Jan. 1973
It's a Dog's Life
Doris rescues two stray dogs from the dog catcher and then must try and persuade landlord Mr. Jarvis to relax his no pets policy. The episode is an earnest promotion of pet adoption and reflects Doris Day's real life passion.
5 Feb. 1973
Family Magazine
Doris' old flame Sir Robert Kingsley is coming to the States on a lecture tour, but Cy is reluctant to allow Doris to interview him, fearing their hanky-panky will tarnish Today's World's image as a family magazine.
12 Feb. 1973
A Small Cure for Big Alimony
Cy is ecstatic at the prospect of his ex-wife remarrying and releasing him from paying her alimony, but Doris has reasons for keeping the cork in the champagne bottle a little longer.
19 Feb. 1973
The Magnificent Fraud
Doris' art-forging uncle visits and to keep from being returned to jail enlists Doris and Cy's help in switching out a forged painting from the collection of a wealthy art collector.
26 Feb. 1973
Meant for Each Other
With Doris no longer with Peter, and Jonathan Rusk divorced from his wife, former candidate Jonathan returns to declare his love for Doris. But will her jealousy of his new globe-trotting reporting career come between them?
5 Mar. 1973
Welcome to Big Sur, Sir
Jackie and her freeloading boyfriend Sid invite themselves along on Doris and Jonathan's romantic getaway weekend to Big Sur.
12 Mar. 1973
Byline, Alias Doris
A struggling Today's World writer on the verge of being fired asks Doris to ghostwrite an important story for him. Final episode of the series.

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