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Desmond Llewelyn: 'Q'



  • Tiger Tanaka : [discussing Osato Chemicals' supertanker, the Ning Po, which is known to be smuggling rocket fuel]  We shadowed the Ning Po to the outer islands.

    Aki : It was very dark. Hard to see her all the time.

    Tiger Tanaka : But we know she stopped somewhere. Look at these photos.

    [Tiger hands James photos of the Ning Po] 

    Aki : Look at the water line.

    James Bond : [noticing the higher water line of the ship in seperate photos]  You're right. Fully laden here, and empty here.

    James Bond : [getting up]  I want to take a look at the island now. Is Little Nellie here?

    Tiger Tanaka : Yes. And her father.

    [James, Aki, and Tiger enter a nearby garage where an agitated and sweating Q is waiting] 

    James Bond : [sarcastically]  Welcome to Japan, Dad. Is my little girl hot and ready?

    Q : [annoyed]  Look, 007, I've had a long and tiring journey, probably to no purpose, so I'm in no mood for juvenile quips.

  • Tiger Tanaka : I have my curiosity, Bond-san. What is little Nellie?

    James Bond : Oh, she's a wonderful girl. Very small. Quite fast. Can do anything. Just your type.

    Tiger Tanaka : A toy helicopter?

    Q : No, it's certainly not a toy!

  • Q : [Showing Bond the improvements to little Nellie, his one-man, open-air, helicopter]  Right. Now, pay attention. Two machine guns, fixed.

    James Bond : Synchronized to what?

    Q : A hundred yards when using incendiaries and high explosives. Two rocket launchers. Forward-firing on either side.

    James Bond : Fine.

    Q : Now, these fire heat-seeking air-to-air missiles - sixty a minute.

    James Bond : Good.

    Q : Flame guns. Two of them. Firing astern.

    James Bond : What range?

    Q : Eighty yards. Two smoke ejectors next door to them. Aerial mines. Now, remember, use them only when directly above target. That's about the lot, I think. You know the rest, don't you?

    James Bond : Yes.

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