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  • After being double-crossed and left for dead, a mysterious man named Walker single-mindedly tries to retrieve the money that was stolen from him.

  • Mal Reese is in a real bind - owing a good deal of money to his organized crime bosses - and gets his friend Walker to join him in a heist. It goes off without a hitch but when Reese realizes the take isn't as large as he had hoped, he kills Walker - or so he thinks. Some time later, Walker decides the time has come get his share of the money and starts with his ex-wife Lynne who took up with Reese after the shooting. That leads him on a trail - to his wife's sister Chris, to Reese himself, then onto Big Stegmam, then Frederick Carter and on and up the line of gangsters all in an effort to get money from people who simply won't acknowledge that he's owed anything.

  • Walker, an lone gangster who used to work with Mal Reese, his partner, is shot and left for dead at Alcatraz. Knowing that he has been betrayed by his own partner in crime, Walker is determined to even the score and get revenge by taking the $93,000 that was taken. To do this, he enlists help from Chris, an woman who knows Mal and continues his personal vendetta through the city of Los Angeles, using violence as a tool of intimidation for the bad guys.

  • Based on the theme of the individual pitted against the large, impersonal organization. Here the central character is an old-fashioned loner of a gunman embroiled with a large-scale, corporate criminal operation behind a respectable-looking 'front'. Without delving into psychology or motivation, the film places emphasis on action and surface appearances, superbly capturing the glossy, depersonalized feel of a 1967 Los Angeles--a nightmare landscape of concrete, glass and coiling freeways.


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  • The plot is so simple. It revolves around a man - double-crossed by his partner and cuckolded by his wife - seeking not retribution, but only his share of the loot. But nothing or no one will stop a stoic Lee Marvin from doing whatever it takes to remove the layers of henchmen, slick operators and cagey entrepreneurs that stand in his way to Mr. Big and his money. Alcatraz Island and Fort Point provide stark landscapes upon which the opening and closing acts are played out respectively, making the film even more memorable. The violence is best served cold in this one and there will be no happy ending. If you like Asphalt Jungle, The Killing and/or Reservoir Dogs, put this one on your list to see for the first or the second or even third time.

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