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Sharon Acker: Lynne



  • Lynne : [Lynne sits down next to Walker on the couch. Walker has unloaded his gun and is staring into space, quiet. Lynne speaks as in a trance, answering silent questions]  Walker, Reese isn't here. He's gone. Three months ago. Gone. Cold. Moved out. Walker? I'm glad you're not dead. It's true. I really am. You ought to kill me. I can't sleep. Haven't slept. Keep taking pills. Dream about you. How good it must be... being dead. Is it? No. No, I can't. Never had the courage. This? Payoff, I guess. I don't know where he is, I really don't. Money? A guy brings it the first of every month. Always a different guy. No contact with Mal. Just couldn't make it with you, Walker. With him, it was... kind of fun. Just drifted into it. That night on Alcatraz... I knew it was you I really wanted. I found out too late.

    [flashback sequence begins] 

    Lynne : Do you remember... when we met? The rain? You were a little drunk. So was I. You were funny when you were drunk. Strange. I don't remember very much, but... suddenly... we were together. It was wonderful at first. I loved you. Then Mal happened. You talked a lot about Mal. Mal Reese. He was very real for me. Until I met him. That night at the reunion... when you found Mal again and brought him home. The two of you together. Then, it was the three of us... laughing. It was... It was perfect. And... I think I was happier then than any other time. I seemed to be floating... between the two of you. Suddenly, I began to drift toward Mal. And I just went with it.

  • Mal Reese : There's not as much as I thought.

    Lynne : Is it less than you need?

  • Lynne : You talked a lot about Mal. Mal Reese. He was very real for me... 'til I met him.

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