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14 Sep. 1967
The Grenade
Friday and Gannon are working out of the juvenile division when they get called to a movie theater to investigate an attack on a high school student who had acid thrown on his back. The suspect is another boy named Gerald Paulson, who is emotionally disturbed. Later, Gerald has an argument with his stepfather and runs out of the house carrying a live hand grenade. Eventually, Friday and Gannon trail him to a house where a girl he attends high school with is throwing a party and he is holding them hostage and threatening to pull the pin. It is now up to the two ...
21 Sep. 1967
The Shooting Board
After work Joe Friday goes by a laundromat to buy cigarettes. He interrupts a burglar stealing from the coin box, and shots are fired. The burglar dies, and Friday is investigated by the shooting board to see if it is a justified shot.
26 Sep. 1967
The Badge Racket
Gannon goes undercover, with Friday as backup, to catch a pair posing as police officers in a scam at a local hotel.
5 Oct. 1967
The Bank Jobs
A man is forcing different young women to help him rob banks, and Friday and Gannon have to find out who he is and stop him.
12 Oct. 1967
The Big Neighbor
A sailor gets swindled a second time and goes to the detectives to report it. In order to unwind Gannon invites Friday over for a peaceful dinner. It turns out to be not so peaceful when the neighbors keep interrupting their peaceful dinner.
19 Oct. 1967
The Big Frustration
A fellow officer gets frustrated with the job, starts missing work and drinking. Friday and Gannon go looking for him, seeking to straighten him out.
26 Oct. 1967
The Senior Citizen
Friday and Gannon investigate a series of burglaries that are taking place during the day, and the victims are those with a recent wedding or death in the family. A senior citizen uses the paper to find homes that are empty during the day.
2 Nov. 1967
The Big High
Friday and Gannon are assigned to Narcotics. An elderly businessman, concerned about the welfare of his grandchild, informs them that his daughter and son-in-law are using marijuana regularly. They make no apologies for their lifestyle and the officers' hands are legally tied, but the couple's refusal to listen leads to a terrible conclusion.
9 Nov. 1967
The Big Ad
An ex-con who places an ad in a newspaper gets a reply referring to making a killing for $1000. He turns the reply over to Friday and Gannon who investigate the possibility that the replier is soliciting murder.
16 Nov. 1967
The Missing Realtor
A realtor has been missing for several days. Friday and Gannon must find out what happened to her.
23 Nov. 1967
The Big Dog
Joe and Bill are assigned a task to find a purse snatcher. They are surprised to learn it is a dog snatching the purses.
30 Nov. 1967
The Pyramid Swindle
Bonnie Bates is keeping her late husband's lucrative pyramid scheme alive by selling ten-year memberships in his "Dollar-Wise" buying club for $199.99. Friday and Gannon arrest her and she goes on trial where the jury seems to be on her side until they hear how many members are required for the scheme to work.
7 Dec. 1967
The Phony Police Racket
Con artists convince business owners to pay for an ad for their business in a police magazine and in return, they receive a card which allows them to not have to pay for police tickets. The magazine is not real, and the cards have no value.
14 Dec. 1967
The Trial Board
A beat police officer asks Sergeant Friday to be his counselor before a review board. The office is accused of accepting a bribe.
21 Dec. 1967
The Christmas Story
Friday and Gannon investigate the theft of a statue of the baby Jesus from a church's nativity scene on Christmas Eve. The figure itself has little monetary value. Father Xavier Rojas explains this Jesus statue has been at the church for decades and has great sentimental value to the parishioners. The detectives pursue a lead but come up empty. As they return to Father Rojas, a small boy is pulling a wagon with the statue in it. The boy had prayed for a new wagon and promised the baby Jesus the first ride if he received it. The episode is a remake of "The Big Little ...
28 Dec. 1967
The Big Shipment
The crash of a small aircraft offers Friday and Gannon an opportunity. Inside the plane officers discover marijuana and heroin with a total street value over a million. If they can find the pilot, and get the drop location from him, they may be able to follow the chain of criminals to the very top. But they only have five hours: after that the criminals will realize their shipment is missing and disappear. Canvassing neighborhoods at 1:45am eventually puts them onto the pilot, but he won't cooperate. Of course, as Friday reminds him, when he fails to make his shipment...
4 Jan. 1968
The Big Search
Friday and Gannon search for a couple of little girls who were reported missing by their mother. They search all over the neighborhood looking in every house and garage, especially an abandoned refrigerator. They also question a recently paroled child molester. They also talk to the girls' father, who was put out by the girls' mother after his drinking got out of hand. Eventually, they question a cocktail waitress who lived next door and who may hold the key to what happened to the girls.
11 Jan. 1968
The Big Prophet
Gannon and Friday visit a self-described guru who advocates mind-expansion through drugs. Brother William is suspected of giving or selling LSD to minors. The detectives debate their ideas of drug use with the suspect.
25 Jan. 1968
The Big Amateur
The police department starts to get calls of praise for Officer Dengle who has been helpful and gone above the call of duty. Since there is no Officer Dengle, Friday and Gannon track down the person impersonating an officer.
1 Feb. 1968
The Starlet
Friday and Gannon are asked by a woman from Oregon to try to find her niece who has run away from home. Their search eventually leads them into the world of pornography and they soon become involved in the arrest of a pornographer who may have info on where she might be located.
8 Feb. 1968
The Big Clan
A modern-day gypsy runs a spiritual guidance business as a method to steal money from clients. Friday and Gannon go undercover to catch her in policy bribery to put other gypsies out of business and protect her own business.
15 Feb. 1968
The Little Victim
Friday and Gannon investigate abuse to babies. One mother claims her child fell down the stairs, but they find the father beat the child. The baby dies. The parents never wanted the child.
22 Feb. 1969
The Squeeze
A known extortionist claims he is innocent of recent charges. Gannon and Friday interrogate him about different incidents, and then bring out a surprise device which proves his guilt.
29 Feb. 1968
The Suicide Attempt
A woman calls the police department with the news that her son called her and said he is going to kill himself. All that Gannon and Friday know - he is somewhere in a hotel with 1200 rooms.
7 Mar. 1968
The Big Departure
A few teenagers want to start their own country on an island off the coast of California. They steal from local stores to fund their efforts.
14 Mar. 1968
The Investigation
The police academy are accepting applications from people who want to join the police force. Friday and Gannon help with the interview process.
21 Mar. 1968
The Big Gambler
A business man reports to the police that an employee is stealing money from the company, and has it narrowed down to three people. Friday and Gannon file the embezzler. He is an addicted gambler who needed the money for his gambling.
28 Mar. 1968
The Big Problem
Friday & Gannon talk to community members to improve relations between police and public. They suggest people call them to find the truth of incidents instead of spreading rumors. A couple complains they were stopped because of their race.

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