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8 Apr. 1970
Where Else Could I Go?
Recovering after months in hospital, Callan finds he may well get sacked unless he can pass several tests. Lonely is arrested and faces a long prison term unless Callan can hire a highly successful, and expensive lawyer for him.
15 Apr. 1970
Summoned to Appear
When Callan and Cross's tail on a Polish operative goes horribly wrong and an innocent bystander dies, Callan must testify at the inquest. His dilemma: perjure himself or implicate his fellow agent and expose the section.
22 Apr. 1970
The Same Trick Twice
Surtees, a British agent recently returned in a prisoner exchange, threatens to publish an explosive tell-all account of his activities, complete with scandalous details. Suspecting that the KGB has turned Surtees, Hunter orders Callan to stop him.
13 May 1970
A Village Called 'G'
The entire section goes on red alert when Liz, Hunter's ever-punctual secretary, fails to show up for work. Trying to trace her, Callan begins to suspect that Liz's disappearance involves not an enemy from the present, but a ghost from her past.
20 May 1970
Suddenly-At Home
Lady Janet Lewis--the beautiful widow of an ex-foreign secretary--accepts a TV producer's lucrative offer for an interview about her husband. Suspicious of the producer's intentions, Hunter assigns Callan to stop her, but the assignment gets personal.
27 May 1970
Act of Kindness
When Heathcote Land receives incriminating photos of his company's sales manager in bed with a mistress, Callan tries to persuade him not to expose the man. But Land knows too well how such games are played.
3 Jun. 1970
God Help Your Friends
Callan must break up the engagement between a lovely NATO interpreter with a grade-A security clearance and a man suspected of serving as a KGB informant. Does the woman's fiance really love her? Or does he love Moscow more?
10 Jun. 1970
By surrendering to the police, wily KGB operative Nikolai Lubin seeks safety in a British prison, out of reach of Hunter and the section's interrogators. Hunter, however, has other plans--engineering Lubin's "escape" under the guise of a KGB operation.
24 Jun. 1970
Amos Green Must Live
Amos Green is a politician with the combustible view that "coloured immigration is dangerous to Britain and must stop".

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