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Season 1

20 Sep. 1966
Phyllis Beats the Rap
Phyllis, also known as Harriet Hammerstmith, needs some big money quick. When she begins pawning priceless heirlooms from the mansion she finds herself in trouble with the police.
15 Nov. 1966
Phyllis, the Upstairs Girl
Phyllis and Uncle Ned are approached by a stuck up neighbor for a $200 contribution for charity. Rather then have it discovered they're not wealthy Phyllis and Ned consider finding employment.
20 Dec. 1966
The Hubcap Caper
Phyllis turns private eye to lift a curse from the house of Pruitt. Someone has stolen the family good-luck charms: the Rolls Royce hubcaps.
3 Mar. 1967
Marry a Million
Rudy get his hopes up after Steffi starts dating wealthy Ronnie Lansbury. He invites Ronnie's father over to meet the family but several cases of mistaken identities creates chaos.
17 Mar. 1967
My Sister-in-Law Phyllis
Phyllis and Rudy have a invention from a relative which they think is a hair dryer. When they investigate it they find is was redesigned to be a coin operated pizza maker. They try everything to get some of their money back from the IRS to market the machine.

 Season 1 

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