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3 Jan. 1969
The Last Man in the World
Myra Delaney is killed when she's chased into the path of a truck. Sam and Jim visit the brokerage firm where she worked, and it's revealed that large sums of money have been embezzled, possibly by someone working for the firm. As it turns out, Myra and her co-worker Sherry Martin have been aiding criminal Jack Heath in the thefts. Sherry is hiding out at a luxury hotel waiting to hear from Heath. Herbie, a nerdy bellboy, falls for her and runs interference for her when the cops show up at the hotel lookingfor
10 Jan. 1969
Conspiracy of Power: Part 1
The wife of powerful publisher Nicky Porter is killed in what appears to be a botched burglary, but.Sam isn't buying it.
17 Jan. 1969
Conspiracy of Power: Part 2
Porter and his assistant Gwynn are willing to do anything possible to throw Sam off the case, including framing the cop for assault.
24 Jan. 1969
Blind Terror
Blind Marine Sergeant Tim Craig and his wife are eating at a diner when they're harassed by two thugs, Dixie Ralt and Mark Common. Mrs. Craig is struck in the face, causing her to fall and strike her head. Samand Jim ininvestigate the assault, but she dies during surgery, making it a murder case. The members of Sgt. Craig's unit are willing to seek vengeance on his behalf, as does the Sergeant himself, meaning that Sam and Jim must find the killers first.
31 Jan. 1969
The Law and Order Blues
Sam and Jim arrive at an unusual crime scene-- an African national named Marcel Nburu has a fund-raising expert, Charlie Bannerman, hanging upside down from a tree. They initially arrest Nburu on an attempted murder charge, for.which noted defense attorney Clinton Judd arrives to defend him. Sam's position with regards to Nburu changes to one of sympathy after they investigate Bannerman and discover him to be a con artist who fleeced Nburu out of money entrusted to him by his country. Sam finds himself changing his position once again when they go to arrest Bannerman,...

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