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27 Sep. 1968
A Fashion for Dying
Top fashion model Bobo pulls designer T.J. Gaynor away from his party for a private discussion. She tells him she's pregnant and that he's the father and that he'd better be ready to pay her a lot of money. Gaynor strikes her, causing her to fall and fatally strike her head. He drags the body to his balcony and throws her off, making it appear to be a suicide. Arriving on the scene, Sam immediately is skeptical that her death was a suicide. Gaynor immediately turns his attention to aspiring model Lynne, thinking her to be a possible witness. Can Sam and Jim save her ...
4 Oct. 1968
Jury of One
Four teenagers, three boys and a girl, break into a house under construction in order to get high. A bit of horseplay ensues, during which the girl falls through a plate glass door and is badly injured. One of the boys drops the girl off at a hospital emergency room and flees, and before she goes fully unconscious, she tells the attending nurse that 'Joe Jack' was the name of the boy who dropped her off. Sam recognizes Joe Jack as Johnny Taylor, the son of a friend of his, lawyer Royce Taylor. He goes to see them, but doesn't get much help from Johnny, as Royce has ...
11 Oct. 1968
Underground Nightmare
Ellen Willis pays a frantic visit to the Squad, claiming that her boyfriend, Eddie Costa, was murdered for real in a death scene from an underground film by hippie producer Benjy Panozian. Sam and Jim drop in on the filmmaker, but all they get from Panozian is that Eddie is alive and doesn't want anything to do with the 'square' Ellen. They really can't do much of anything else, but when Eddie is found dead for certain from a stab wound, they visit Benjy again and get even more of a runaround.
18 Oct. 1968
The Deadly Innocents
Betty Joyce Foster is babysitting when she looks into the window of the neighbors and witnesses the man of the house in an argument with a much younger man. She sees the older man strike the younger man from behind, possibly killing him. Sam and Jim investigate the neighbors, Mr. and Mrs.AAnderson, after Betty Joyce calls them, but no evidence of foul play is found and the girl is found to have a very active imagination. Shortly thereafter, the body of another young girl is fished out of the ocean, and her boyfriend, who's wanted for questioning, is missing, followed ...
1 Nov. 1968
Kiss Me, Kill You
Aggie Sloan, an heiress, seduces Art, a much older gas station owner, and brings him back to her family's mansion, where things start to get weird. Her brother Tony accuses Art via loudspeaker of seducing his sister, and the older man tries to escape the mansion but is unable to. Sam and Jim are assigned to investigate Art's disappearance. Meanwhile, Tony pulls the same thing with a waitress named Mary, and Aggie's menacing voice is heard over the loudspeaker. Now there are two mysterious disappearances connected to the bored rich kids. Jim sets himself up as a third ...
8 Nov. 1968
The Nowhere Man: Part 1
As Sam and Jim begin their investigation into a fatal armed robbery, they welcome a new detective to the squad, a young black man named Cliff Sims. From the description of the killer, Cliff is able to identify him as Jesse Hawkins, a guy he knows from the neighborhood and whose brother happens to be a leading black militant. He manages to get Rex, Jesse's brother, to try and persuade him to turn himself in, but his efforts fail, leading Cliff to question whether or not he wants to continue being a cop, despite encouragement from his fellow officers.
15 Nov. 1968
The Nowhere Man: Part 2
Sam tries to persuade young black detective Cliff Sims to remain on the force, to no avail. The robbery and murder suspect he tried to help, Jesse Hawkins, is now threatening Cliff and his family, adding to his burden.
22 Nov. 1968
Matched for Murder
Two strangling deaths are connected to a computer dating service. Sam and Jim must race to prevent a third girl from being killed.
29 Nov. 1968
The Fatal Hours
Dan was on his way to the station with a woman when suddenly they both collapse. They're brought to the hospital. Sam and Jim show up and learn that they were poisoned and that unless they know what they were poisoned with, they don't have much time. They learn that the woman went to the station and was saying that her life was being threatened and wouldn't say anything else. Dan brought her home and somehow convinced her to file a report. He was bringing her when they collapsed. Sam and Jim go to her apartment and see that they had coffee. So they take everything to ...
13 Dec. 1968
Jim escorts a woman who is testifying against a criminal he and Sam pursued. When in court the man's girlfriend gives him a gun and he then takes the woman testifying against him hostage and shoots Jim. He then takes the woman and runs. Sam arrives and while Jim is being treated, he tries to find the man. Sam is told the building's been sealed so he can't get out. But Sam knows the man didn't just decide to do this, he planned it so he must have some kind of escape plan. He figures out what it is and catches his accomplices but the man shows up and goes back into the ...
20 Dec. 1968
The Distant Shore
George 'Lucky' Collins escapes from prison, where he was serving a sentence for manslaughter. He picks up his adorable young daughter as she's walking home from school. Sam and Jim pursue them as they make their way to a boat, where Lucky plans to flee, following a trail of violence.
27 Dec. 1968
Dark Memory
An accountant is fatally gunned down in a parking lot. Sam and Jim visit Reardon, the dead man's boss, and Jim discovers that his college sweetheart, Linda Jo Benson, also works for the same company. Evidence points to her either being the killer or covering for the killer. Either way, Jim has to arrest her.
3 Jan. 1969
The Last Man in the World
Myra Delaney is killed when she's chased into the path of a truck. Sam and Jim visit the brokerage firm where she worked, and it's revealed that large sums of money have been embezzled, possibly by someone working for the firm. As it turns out, Myra and her co-worker Sherry Martin have been aiding criminal Jack Heath in the thefts. Sherry is hiding out at a luxury hotel waiting to hear from Heath. Herbie, a nerdy bellboy, falls for her and runs interference for her when the cops show up at the hotel lookingfor
10 Jan. 1969
Conspiracy of Power: Part 1
The wife of powerful publisher Nicky Porter is killed in what appears to be a botched burglary, but.Sam isn't buying it.
17 Jan. 1969
Conspiracy of Power: Part 2
Porter and his assistant Gwynn are willing to do anything possible to throw Sam off the case, including framing the cop for assault.
24 Jan. 1969
Blind Terror
Blind Marine Sergeant Tim Craig and his wife are eating at a diner when they're harassed by two thugs, Dixie Ralt and Mark Common. Mrs. Craig is struck in the face, causing her to fall and strike her head. Samand Jim ininvestigate the assault, but she dies during surgery, making it a murder case. The members of Sgt. Craig's unit are willing to seek vengeance on his behalf, as does the Sergeant himself, meaning that Sam and Jim must find the killers first.
31 Jan. 1969
The Law and Order Blues
Sam and Jim arrive at an unusual crime scene-- an African national named Marcel Nburu has a fund-raising expert, Charlie Bannerman, hanging upside down from a tree. They initially arrest Nburu on an attempted murder charge, for.which noted defense attorney Clinton Judd arrives to defend him. Sam's position with regards to Nburu changes to one of sympathy after they investigate Bannerman and discover him to be a con artist who fleeced Nburu out of money entrusted to him by his country. Sam finds himself changing his position once again when they go to arrest Bannerman,...

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