Camberwick Green Poster

(1966– )

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Season 1

3 Jan. 1966
Peter the Postman
Peter collects the mail and takes it to the Post Office where Mrs Dingle and he sort it. Peter takes the post to Pippin Fort causing chaos as he arrives during parade. At Colley's mill his postbag goes for a spin on the sails.
10 Jan. 1966
Windy Miller
Farmer Jonathan Bell arrives at Colley's Mill with some corn to grind. Windy Miller offers him some cider but he declines it. Mickey Murphy has received an order for some cakes but needs more flour but at the mill Windy is asleep.
17 Jan. 1966
Mr Crockett the Garageman
Mr Crockett gets called out to help the baker Mickey Murphy who can't start his van. Back at the garage he finds Dr Mopp and Farmer Bell waiting for petrol. He fills the Doctor's car but Bell thinks his truck has been refilled.
24 Jan. 1966
Dr Mopp
Dr Mopp is doing his rounds visiting patients. Village gossip Mrs Honeyman leaves her baby unattended while she is talking to Mrs Dingle. The baby gets spots of red paint on its face. Seeing the spots she thinks the baby is ill.
31 Jan. 1966
Farmer Jonathan Bell
Farmer Bell gives the postman a lift to Colley's Mill, where he makes fun of the small number of eggs Windy Miller produces. Later, the farmer can't sell his eggs in the village as everyone has been buying Windy's free range eggs.
7 Feb. 1966
Captain Snort
The soldiers of Pippin Fort are sent out to help with jobs in the village. Private Meek is given the job of taking baby Honeyman to the chemist shop while Mrs Honeyman is in Welchester. But Meek seems to have gone missing.
14 Feb. 1966
Paddy Murphy
Every Saturday young Paddy Murphy helps Tripp's dairy with their deliveries. They pick up milk, butter and eggs from Bell's farm and make their deliveries. But today Tabatha the cat has knocked over all the milk bottles.
21 Feb. 1966
Roger Varley the Sweep
Roger is sweeping the chimney at Mickey Murphy's bakery when Windy Miller comes in and asks him to clean his chimney at the windmill. But when Mickey tries to clean up he finds the water supply has been cut off, can Windy help?
28 Feb. 1966
PC McGarry
P.C. McGarry is off on his motorbike touring Camberwick Green. The boys at the fort get called out as a swarm of bees are causing mayhem at the bakery. While the soldiers set up a temporary shop, McGarry goes to look for Windy.
7 Mar. 1966
Mr Dagenham the Salesman
At his farm, Farmer Bell is showing Mr Dagenham how useful the fork lift truck he bought from him is. Dagenham then goes to the fort where he is showing Captain Snort plans for something very expensive. What could it be?
14 Mar. 1966
Mr Carraway the Fishmonger
Mr Carraway calls in at Colley's Mill where Windy Miller seems to be doing something in secret. Carraway shows Windy a painting of the ship his Grandfather sailed on. On his way back from the fort the painting gets broken.
21 Mar. 1966
Mickey Murphy the Baker
Mickey burns his hands while baking so Private Lumley of Pippin Fort is drafted in to help. But Lumley has problems telling left from right and sells all of Farmer Bell's special order of walnut cakes. Can Windy save the day?
28 Mar. 1966
Mrs Honeyman and Her Baby
When workmen come to the village Mrs Honeyman gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks they have come to dig up the village green. P.C. McGarry is called but is powerless to stop them so the villagers organize a protest.

 Season 1 

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