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Never Too Young:TV's first teenage daytime soap opera from the 1960's
raysond18 September 2006
The daytime Soap Opera "Never Too Young" was an attempt by ABC-TV to attract the teenage market with this offbeat soap entry which had guest stars like Motown greats Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder and other artists like Johnny Rivers and the Ramsey Lewis Trio who would stop by occasionally to sing at the local cafe hangout. After all,the series only lasted one season on the ABC-TV network from the premiere episode on September 27,1965 until the final installment of the series on June 24,1966. However in the summer of 1966,repeats of the daytime soap opera only ran during the months of June through August of that year. It would have been great if the series lasted long enough to make the transition to color,but all of the episodes were in classic black and white.

As far as the adolescents who starred in the short-lived series consisted of Chet(Tony Dow),a race car driver and the coolest kid on the block who basically dated other girls to make his steady girlfriend Joy(Robin Grace)jealous. Tad(Michael Blodgett),the high school football player who faced a career-threatening injury;and Barbara (Pat Connolly),who upset her boyfriend Alfie(David Watson)by her meddlesome efforts to help him further his ambitions. Frank and Rhoda (John Lupton and Patrice Wymore),the prime adults involved with the group,had their own unsteady relationship. The stories for this series were supposed to take place in the upscale high action and hipper scene of Malibu,California,but a Hollywood studio lot filled with sand provided what beach atmosphere there was.

As far as the actors were concerned only several are very recognizable here. The part of Chet,a cool-reckless,troublemaking,Fonzie looking,care free race car driver was played by Tony Dow. And for Dow,this role was a far cry from the All-American properly mannerisms of Wally Cleaver during his years on the television series "Leave It To Beaver". Also involved here is Chet's sidekick Joesph,aka Jo-Jo played by Tommy Rettig. This role for Rettig(and a different approach as well)was a far cry from his days as Jeff on the classic children series "Lassie". The only adults in this teenage soap opera were John Lupton and Patrice Wymore. For actor John Lupton,this was a first for him starring in daytime television,who was better known for his prime-time work especially starring in the 1950's TV western "Broken Arrow". The other actors involved were Dack Rambo in the role of the teenage character of Tim. Rambo would make a name for himself as well later on, starring opposite Walter Brennan(of The Real McCoys fame)in the short-lived western series,"The Guns Of Will Sonnett".
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Great Teen-age Soap Opera! Definitely Inspired "70's Show!"
rudy-3017 March 2003
"Never Too Young " is a great teen-age soap opera. Chet (Tony Dow) is a predecssor to Fonzie in that he drifts around as a mechanic. Alfie is the former rock and roll singer who doesn't want to be tied down. Tommy Rettig as Jo-Jo is the hilarious nerd type who keeps trying to find girls the right way. Throw in some spoled rich kids, brainy kids, serious medical students, and there you have it.
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51 Years Later, Still Upset (ha ha) This Show Was Cancelled
md-imdb-8127124 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was 12, but one of the MALE viewers of NTY. I didn't see it from the beginning, but in the middle of the season, I discovered it just from tuning in a few minutes early for Where The Action Is, and liking NTY's closing theme. So eventually, instead of 4:30, I started tuning in at 4. I felt so hip watching it.

I was reminded of the show this morning (current day) when I caught an old episode of 77 Sunset Strip, and Patrice Wymore was a guest star.

Anyway, regarding NTY, I remember the story line only vaguely. I remember that Alfie was Rhoda's son, but he didn't know it. I don't remember who was murdered (per bkoganbing's review, previous to mine), but I remember at the end the killer turned out to be Alice....Rhoda's sister. I do remember the theme song very well, and wish I could find a recording of it online. You would hear a vocal version of it at the beginning of the show, and an instrumental version with the closing credits.

"We're young but never too set this whole world spinning....and we are never too young....for us love's just walk hand in hand with me....there are love songs to be sung....say you'll be my girl and we'll show the world we're never......too...young!"

I was, in fact, very disappointed when it went off. I never got into Dark Shadows!
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Praise and enjoyment of NTY
mcntrfr19 October 2006
Never Too Young was one of my favorite soaps on TV. Wish it could have lasted longer. Enjoyed watching Michael J. Blodgett, Joanna Barnes and John Upton over the years and have often wondered whatever happened to them since the 80's. I loved Debbie Watson as Gidget in Gidget Goes Hawaiian as well. Would like to know what she is doing now in the 21st century.

I can remember seeing the Ramsey Lewis Trio on the show.

I was senior in high school when NTY started. Can hardly believe it's 40 years since it was on TV.

If anyone has any information on the cast I would love to hear it.

Is there any way in which to get in touch with Michael, Joanna and Debbie to let them know how much I enjoyed them?
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Because They're Young was a 1960 Dick Clark movie
trozl25 August 2016
I was 13 when Never Too Young premiered. My girlfriend (what we girls used to call our pals back then) watched it faithfully. It was followed by Where the Action Is, also a Dick Clark production. Loved Paul Revere and the Raiders. To kcapehart, Never Too Young might have been inspired by a 1960 Dick Clark movie, Because They're Young.

I remember at age 14 thinking that Pat Connolly looked too mature and "old" from my perspective to be believable as a teen. She was probably only 20-something! Liked Cindy Carol, the former Carol Sydes, and thought she and John Lupton were very well cast as daughter and father. She was 20 when Never Too Young debuted but looked about 16. My friend immediately got hooked on Dark Shadows after NTY went off the air, so there must be something addictive about the continuing story line format.
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swinging sixties
thefensk9 February 2016
I was 13 when this premiered, but my 17 year old sister watched it all the time. I have to admit, I got sucked in and was more than a little disappointed when it ended and the next Monday, when Dark Shadows premiered in its place it seemed a tremendous loss. Yet, within the year, DS became a super-big hit. Go figure. At the time it seemed special, teen-aged angst-ridden drama. And Tony Dow plus Tommy Rettig to boot! One other thing to note: I remember them playing the hit "Groovy Kind of Love" at the end of the last episode. Can't remember if that was a regular thing or just for that episode. It was obvious that it was the last episode though. Also remember a lot of musical guests, but the one I remember best was Paul Revere and the Raiders because my sister was wild about them.
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Teen Soap Opera
bkoganbing31 July 2012
Never Too Young was a teenage soap opera with a lot of teen angst every week from its various cast members. It had trouble trying to find itself an audience and in its second season switched to some adult cast members like Patrice Wymore, John Lupton, and Merry Anders and some adult themed stories. I remember in the end it was a murder to be solved and one of the aforementioned adults did the deed.

The formula had to wait a score of years before Baywatch premiered. We did see a lot of scantily clad boys and girls every week always an audience pleaser. For the girls it was Cindy Carol and for the guys it was Michael Blodgett, talk about a golden couple.

It was the California beach scene, but in response to the British invasion British guy David Watson took over the hangout where all the kids congregated. He dispensed wisdom and advice to the young and that accent sure made it sound like he knew what he was talking about.

Never Too Young never found its audience, but those who did watch it have fond memories.
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"Never Too Young" Was The Best TV Series Ever !
jabberwocky-626 September 2006
I remember this TV series so well. The reason I remembered this series is because it was so real. The actors(today they include actresses under actors)were all so natural. Each character in some way held your attention. The show held your attention without all the hot and steamy sexual scenes they show today, this show was so interesting,and you were on edge wanting to know what was going to happen the next episode. I can remember rushing home from school with my friends to watch this show either at someone's house or by myself,even the guys were in to this show. It was real life but it wasn't really far out stuff,like you know if someone didn't like you or was jealous they was ready to kill you like in the shows today. Oh I know it can happen, but this show never focus on hard core soap as of today. It was exactly what some of us were going through as teenagers/young adults. I wish they would show the reruns or put the dvds out for sale. Hey does anyone know where I may get the dvds or video tapes? And the theme song was so cool. "You're Never to young to stop living...." or something like that. If you want good soap and not a lot of confusion this is or was the TV series to watch! Alison R. Sterling
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I used to watch this show!
kcapehart26 September 2006
I was 17 in 1965 and liked this show. I remember one of the actors was Cindy Carol, who played Gidget in "Gidget Goes to Rome." In this show she had long pale blonde hair, worn straight, with bangs that hung below her eyebrows. I wanted hair like that! I remember being surprised that Tommy Rettig was really a brunette! There was a British character named "Alfie" and was played by the guy who later was a love interest for Kirstie Alley on "Cheers." It seems to me that this show came one just before or just after a Dick Clark production called "Where The Action Is" with Paul Revere and the Raiders. Funny, though, I always thought the title of this show was "Because They're Young."
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