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Cukor doesn't try to hide the stage origins of his material; rather, he celebrates the falseness of his sets, placing his characters in a perfectly designed artificial world. Every frame of this 1964 film bespeaks Cukor's grace and commitment—it's an adaptation that becomes completely personal through the force of its mise-en-scene.
Audrey Hepburn is a physical wonder; Rex Harrison defines his role; and production designer Gene Allen is the hidden star. A big screen production for the entire family.
The picture is exquisite, extraordinary, a unique gem of filmmaking.
The picture sparkles with witty dialogue, titilates with droll situations, stirs the heart with its story of the metamorphosis of a London guttersnipe in a fine lady, and its romantic intervals glow with warmth and charm that fascinates the audience.
In this literal, beautiful, bountiful version of the most gilt-edged attraction in theater history, Jack Warner has miraculously managed to turn gold into gold.
It has riches of story, humor, acting and production values far beyond the average big picture. It is Hollywood at its best.
This 1964 film, featuring an enduring Lerner and Loewe score, is a classic.
What distinguishes My Fair Lady above all is that it actually says something. It says it in a film of pointed words, unforgettable music and glorious images, but it says it.
A wonderfully stylish and witty movie classic.
My Fair Lady, for all its kudos, often seems bloodless and never achieves the heights of the production that ran on the Mark Hellinger Theater stage eight times each week from 1956 through 1962.

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