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18 Sep. 1964
Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep
General Savage believes that Gallagher, part of a military family, is too quick to abort missions at the first sign of engine trouble. Savage rides Gallagher hard, assigning him a crew of slackers and misfits and ordering Gallagher to paint the name "Leper Colony" on his plane. Gallagher turns his crew is to an efficient outfit but he despises Savage and wants to do anything to get a transfer.
25 Sep. 1964
Follow the Leader
When a bombardier releases his bombs prematurely with the group ordered to hit the same spot , they accidentally destroy a Dutch school.
2 Oct. 1964
The Men and the Boys
Gen. Savage decides to court martial a captain who broke formation to provide air cover for a crew bailing out of a plane, creating much anger.
16 Oct. 1964
The Sound of Distant Thunder
A goofy bombardier Lt. who always hits his mark joins Gen. Savage's crew and finds out the hard way, that real people are killed when bombs drop.
23 Oct. 1964
The Climate of Doubt
Gen. Crowe orders Savage to fly a dangerous mission in France to show support for the resistance, but he thinks it's because he's in love with a beautiful fighter there.
30 Oct. 1964
Pressure Point
Gen. Savage outfits some of his planes with bigger guns to try to reduce heavy losses, but if a US senator remains unconvinced he could lose his command.
6 Nov. 1964
Savage has one chance try to bomb a Nazi building next to his POW major friend and his crew, or the 918th will bomb the whole area.
13 Nov. 1964
The Hours Before Dawn
Savage taking cover in a British mansion during an air raid is trapped by a downed colonel, and the low self-esteemed female owner is unsympathetic to both of them.
20 Nov. 1964
Appointment at Liege
A pilot major assigned elsewhere when his crew was killed in combat, suffers a guilt complex and becomes reckless with his missions and the lives of his subordinates.
27 Nov. 1964
Suffering from fatigue, General Savage is ordered to take leave and decides to pay a visit to sunny Scotland. On his way, he repeatedly bumps into a female British officer, Ann Macrae, who is returning to her home - accidental encounters that become increasingly awkward. Naturally, their animosity slowly turns to grudging tolerance, and then to fondness on the way to true affection. Against his better judgment, Savage finds himself falling in love, and Macrae is caught in the same web. Unfortunately, she is hiding a secret that will cast a terrible shadow over their ...
4 Dec. 1964
Here's to Courageous Cowards
Gen. Savage has to handle a major who's burning himself out after 35 missions and a conscientious objector corporal who still joined the Air Force.
11 Dec. 1964
Soldiers Sometimes Kill
Gen. Savage is suspected by Scotland Yard of killing a pretty model in her flat and even he cannot remember all the events of that night.
18 Dec. 1964
The Suspected
A reporter on the airbase is bent on trying to prove that one of Gen. Savage's gunners, is an escaped convicted murderer.
25 Dec. 1964
An Act of War
Savage is shot down on a vital recon mission in France , kills a Frenchman in self defense, and gets captured by Nazi sympathizers who plan to lynch him.

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