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Season 2

13 Sep. 1965
The Loneliest Place in the World
Gen. Savage is killed when his plane is shot down by a captured B-17, and later, Lt. Col Gallagher shoots down another suspicious B-17 killing 10 Americans.
20 Sep. 1965
R/X for a Sick Bird
Col. Gallagher protects a lovely resistance leader as spies on the airbase sabotage his planes and equipment, trying to kill her also.
27 Sep. 1965
Then Came the Mighty Hunter
A very young corporal with a great gunnery training record is anxious to prove himself, but freezes up during actual combat.
4 Oct. 1965
The Idolator
A Lt. friend who grew up feeling overshadowed by Col. Gallagher, does everything from air stunts to disobeying orders to outshine him.
11 Oct. 1965
Big Brother
Gallagher's older battle fatigued Lt. col. brother in charge of a base in Africa refuses to refuel his planes, and has plans to abandon the area.
18 Oct. 1965
The Hotshot
A lt. colonel in charge of a P-51 fighter group, harbors great anger toward Col. Gallagher when his B-17 mistakenly shoots down one of his planes in battle.
25 Oct. 1965
Show Me a Hero, I'll Show You a Bum
Sgt. Komansky saves a wounded Col. Gallagher and his crew by landing his plane, but a British reporter wants to exploit that to further her own career.
1 Nov. 1965
Runway in the Dark
Gallagher picks up a Norwegian resistance leader who has vital target information, but he insist on taking his little boy alone which gets some of his men killed in the process.
8 Nov. 1965
I Am the Enemy
A pilot major with a 918th has a murderous hatred for all Germans and Col. Gallagher must find a way to channel him or stop him.
15 Nov. 1965
Grant Me No Favor
Lt. Gen. Max Gallagher pushing a promotion for his son Joe, finds he is only interested in defending a Lt. colonel who aborted target under extreme fire that no one has been able to reach before.
22 Nov. 1965
Storm at Twilight
Maj. Stovall uses tricks and favors to get back on flying status after is son becomes missing in action, against the protests of Gallagher that he is too old.
29 Nov. 1965
We're Not Coming Back
Gallagher and his crew are forced to land in occupied Yugoslavia, where he must make a deal with a rebel leader to get help to repair his plane.
6 Dec. 1965
The Jones Boys
A Lt. terrified of combat crashes at take off killing his copilot, and a thieving Sgt. agrees to cover it up, but later demands he desert with him to a neutral country.
13 Dec. 1965
Between the Lines
Gallagher's B-17 is forced down between German and Russian lines with a badly wounded general, his cowardly aid, and a secret document he must get to London.
27 Dec. 1965
Target 802
Col. Gallagher's damaged plane prematurely releases it bombs over a French town killing the allied leader of the resistance there, and now his daughter plans to kill him.
3 Jan. 1966
Falling Star
On the way back from a mission, a mentor of Joe Gallagher's, Colonel Gus "Pappy" Wexler is flying as an observer. Gallagher asks Fowler to let Wexler fly in the co-pilot seat. They are attacked by ME-109's and Joe is wounded, Pappy takes over calling Gallagher "Bernie". At HQ General Pritchard asks Harvey Stovall's opinion of Wexler. General Britt is away in Washington and if he is not back, Pritchard will be looking for a new Wing Commander. He is thinking of Wexler or Gallagher. Gallagher is on the sick list so Wexler becomes acting Group Commander, and Gallagher ...
10 Jan. 1966
The Slaughter Pen
With Allied bombing operations stymied by mysteriously improved German radar capabilities, Col. Gallagher becomes involved with a multi-national, multi-service commando mission aimed at knocking out the enemy facilities and stealing the technology for study. The undertaking is put at grave risk, however, by a combination of poor coordination between the different units involved, Nazi spies, and the reluctant participation of a key expert, Captain Deel, who happens to be a problematic acquaintance of Gallagher's from his past. And now Deel is having a fling with the ...
17 Jan. 1966
Gallagher bails out in Switzerland where the underground tries to help him, a woman, and a German soldier claiming to be a deserter, escape.
24 Jan. 1966
Which Way the Wind Blows
Helping the 918th to use weather patterns to bomb, an attractive meteorologist captain becomes rebellious when her weather plane is shot down.
31 Jan. 1966
The Outsider
Lt. Wilson, a young, inexperienced fighter pilot, is so eager to get his first kill and fit in with his flying mates that he manages to shoot up Gallagher's plane while chasing an enemy fighter. Gallagher is willing to chalk it up to youthful exuberance and let the matter drop, but Sandy takes it personally and makes Wilson's life miserable. To make up for it, Wilson volunteers for a dangerous mission and ends up saving Gallagher's life at great peril to his own. This makes him an instant hero, especially in Sandy's eyes. It also leaves him craving even more attention...
7 Feb. 1966
Back to the Drawing Board
The 918th planes are equipped with a new radar that makes it very easy to bomb enemy targets through thick clouds, but the German's find out it makes the planes easier to track also.
14 Feb. 1966
Twenty Fifth Mission
Major Parsons has apparently just completed his 25th mission, making him eligible to be rotated back to the States, out of the fighting, something he celebrates with great relish. However, Gallagher has formulated a plan to knock out an exceptionally difficult target, and it requires a pilot with qualifications that match Parson's to a tee. The Major is definitely not inclined to volunteer with a guaranteed return to safety in hand, especially since the assignment has the earmarks of a suicide mission. No amount of persuasion budges him, that is until General Britt ...
21 Feb. 1966
The Survivor
A strict, unfriendly pilot captain joins the 918th and creates hatred for him by the men, which worsens when he appears to be the only survivor after his plane is shot down.
28 Feb. 1966
Angel Babe
After 49 successful missions, Angel Babe is the Grande Damme of the 918th bomber fleet, and to some like her flight engineer, Sgt. Willets, she even seems to have a soul (and mind) of her own. Her endurance has earned her the label of good-luck charm to the men of the Group. Upon completion of her 50th mission, the Army has decided to retire her from active service and return her to the States for a life of leisure as a recruiting icon. But Angel Babe seems to have other ideas, as she suddenly develops a multitude of mechanical ailments that thwart that final-mission ...
7 Mar. 1966
Col. Gallagher is very suspicious when he and a capt. are set free on an island they were marooned on after being captured by a Nazi u-boat commander.
14 Mar. 1966
The Hollow Man
A captain tortured for months by the Nazis, gets back on flying status, but suffers from flashbacks that endangers all the men working with him.
21 Mar. 1966
Cross-Hairs on Death
Thomas Carpenter, a pilot who washed out of flight training and was subsequently dishonorably discharged from the service for insubordination, finds his way to England as a civilian and proceeds to infiltrate the 918th and masquerade as a captain. Desperate for replacements, Gallagher puts him to work as co-pilot on several missions to test his mettle while waiting for confirmation of Carpenter's status that will never come. Carpenter is eager to command his own bomber before his ruse is discovered, but his impatience keeps his evaluator, Captain Enright, from ...
28 Mar. 1966
Day of Reckoning
A chaplain loses faith when his girlfriend Sgt. and other GI's are killed when 918th base is bombed, as 3 captured Germans plan escape and sabotage.
4 Apr. 1966
Siren Voices
A propaganda broadcaster for the Nazis is really a British agent sending coded messages through her over the air piano playing, to help the allies.

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