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Season 3

9 Sep. 1966
Gauntlet of Fire
Continuous stressful missions have made the men of 918th extremely fatigued, and put their planes in very bad shape with even more missions to come.
16 Sep. 1966
A Russian major aboard a 918th bomber recklessly shoots down a friendly plane from his own country, which causes problems for Gallagher when his force lands at a Russian airbase.
23 Sep. 1966
Face of a Shadow
Gallagher's men take charge of a newly liberated Italian airfield, but the colonel there is so lax, that loyalist could help the Germans retake the base.
30 Sep. 1966
Fortress Wiesbaden
Col. Gallagher agrees to take orders from a brutal British Major leading his commandos to destroy an advanced radar facility, after his B-17 is shot down.
7 Oct. 1966
A Distant Cry
A strict instructor captain gives low instrument rating grades to good combat pilot that could hurt his chances of promotion.
14 Oct. 1966
Practice to Deceive
Col. Gallagher becomes a POW in Germany, when a German admiral helps to rescue him, then reveals plans to kill Hitler and negotiate total surrender to the allies.
28 Oct. 1966
The All-American
An pilot Lt. is being pressured by a long time mentor major to promote his great college sport image, when he's much more anxious to fly B-17s.
4 Nov. 1966
The Pariah
Gallagher has a German born navigator bomb a hidden factory, and when they're forced to land in a Nazi Camp his accent becomes a liability as the Russians advance.
11 Nov. 1966
The Fighter Pilot
Three top Pacific fighter pilots make it to the 918th without authorization, and are anxious to get back into air combat no matter what it takes.
18 Nov. 1966
To Seek and Destroy
A British fighter pilot is enlisted to recover parts from a German guided missile that crashed in Sweden intact, but he has become a very depressed alcoholic.
2 Dec. 1966
Burden of Guilt
A colonel tries to keep Gallagher grounded, to save his own reputation after failing many times to find and destroy u-boat bases.
9 Dec. 1966
The Ace
A top notch aging bomber pilot is called in to surgically bomb a house of German scientist working on atomic weapon plans, nestled next to a building of allied POW's.
16 Dec. 1966
Six Feet Under
Gallagher is on allied captured base in Belgium in danger of being overran, with a boy that refuses to help him translate a wealth of German documents.
23 Dec. 1966
The Duel at Mont Sainte Marie
Germans are using a hillside as an observation post near a monastery of nuns and children, hopeful the Americans won't bomb their position.
30 Dec. 1966
Two black U.S. soldiers guarding enemy POWs on an island help Gallagher and his wounded after they bail out, but the good medic in charge, may be hiding a secret.
6 Jan. 1967
A Long Time Dead
A pilot captain suspected of bailing out of plane and leaving his crew to die in a previous mission, may have had a uncontrollable reason for doing so.
13 Jan. 1967
The Hunters and the Killers
A bitter commodore given a sea command, orders that the 918th fly without bombs and only spot German u-boats so that his ships can destroy them.

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