Gay Purr-ee (1962) Poster


Robert Goulet: Jaune-Tom


  • [Jean Tom and Robespierre are on a ship bound for Alaska] 

    Robespierre : It's all right, Jean Tom. We'll get back all right.

    Jean Tom : Oh, it's such a big ocean, Robespierre. Bigger than all of France. Bigger than the whole world.

    Robespierre : But you haven't given up hope yet.

    Jean Tom : I have now.

    [it starts raining] 

    Jean Tom : It's too big, Robespierre. We'll never get back to find Mewsette.

    Robespierre : It's not as big as you think, Jean Tom.

    [noticing the rain] 

    Robespierre : Why, it's just made little drops. It's all how you look at it.

  • Bartender : What'll ya have?

    Jean Tom : Er, uh... milk.

    Bartender : Uh... milk?

    Robespierre : No, no, no! C'mon Jean Tom, let's live it up! STRAIGHT CREAM!

    Meowrice : No, no, no, Robespierre. Here we have a little something called champagne.

  • Robespierre : Jean Tom, do we have to keep doing this? I think we should stop. We could get killed on this track!

    Jean Tom : But I'm not going to stop until I find Mewsette.

    Robespierre : Fine. You look for Mewsette. I'm gonna look for trains.

  • Robespierre : Mewsette's gone.

    Jean Tom : What do you mean Mewsette's gone?

    Robespierre : She just got on a carriage.

    Jean Tom : Carriage? What carriage?

    Robespierre : The one that took her to Paris.

    Jean Tom : Why did she go to Paris?

    Robespierre : All felines go to Paris, I guess.

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