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A Magnificent Film-Noir, The First Transposition of a Nelson Rodrigues' Play to the Big Screen
claudio_carvalho16 January 2005
In Madureira, Rio de Janeiro, in the 60's, the powerful "bicheiro" (for non-Brazilians: in Brazil, mainly in Rio de Janeiro, there is an illegal and very popular lottery of numbers associated to animals called "jogo do bicho" (game of animals), and the outlaws are called "bicheiros") Boca de Ouro (Jece Valadão) dies. Two journalists look for his former lover, Dona Guigui (Odete Lara), trying to get information of any unsolved crime committed by Boca de Ouro and make a bang news. In accordance with her mood, Guigui tells three different versions of the mysterious murder of Leleco (Daniel Filho) and Celeste (Maria Lúcia Monteiro) to the reporters.

"Boca de Ouro" was the first transposition to the screen of a successful play of Nelson Rodrigues, one of my favorite Brazilian writers. The story is indeed a film-noir, very amoral, as a trademark of Nelson Rodrigues, slightly recalling the storyline of "Rashômon" (the same event told in different versions) and directed by one of the best Brazilian directors, Nelson Pereira dos Santos. Jece Valadão is perfect in the role of an ambitious gangster, who replaces his perfect teeth by gold, and aimed to be buried in a golden coffin. I regret that this magnificent film has not had a decent distribution. My VHS, horribly recorded in LP, was released by "Isto É", and the image does not stop scrolling. There are only fifteen votes in IMDb, meaning that there is no worldwide distribution of this movie. I feel sorry for the overseas movie lovers, not having the chance to know such a great unknown film. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Boca de Ouro" ("Golden Mouth")
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brazil's most precious gem
portasio1 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this masterpiece is widely unknown, even to Brazilian movie enthusiasts. it set the ground for ALL Brazilian drama and comedy production in the late 60's and on and is bound to eventually be recognized as such.

the movie conveys the deconstruction of late 50's rio de janeiro upper-lower-middle class society shown from a housewife's perspective... three times.

it has a mocumentary, pseudo-journalistic style - decades ahead of it's time and still unmatched in many ways.

i've never seen a copy of this with English subtitles, but if you enjoy cinema and theater you should watch this even without knowing the language.

sarcastic and provocative, this timeless classic will bond to your mind forever.
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Masterpiece Film Noir
lseidler3 June 2006
this is one of the greatest film Norse ever made period. I have a good DVD copy of it in Portuguese with no subtitles that i just bought in Sao Paulo Brazil. even if you do not understand Portuguese you will enjoy this masterpiece. I found the other comments helpful and excellent and have nothing more to add except let's bring on more Jece Valadao films from his prime period.Jece Valadao was really something before he found religion. There are incredibly beautiful Brazilian actresses in this movie starting with the co-star Odete Lara. Any information on her other films will be greatly appreciated before I return to Brazil next month.
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