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Patty's European cousin Cathy comes to America to live with the Lane family.
18 Sep. 1963
The French Teacher
Patty falls for her substitute French teacher.
25 Sep. 1963
The Genius
Patty inadvertently alters a computerized IQ test. As a result, she is mistakenly categorized as a genius.
2 Oct. 1963
The Elopement
Martin mistakenly believes that the family is trying to hide the fact that Patty and Richard are going to sneak off and get married. But Cathy's hiccups give them away.
9 Oct. 1963
The House Guest
Crotchety Aunt Pauline comes to the Lane household for her annual visit. Things seem to be going as good as can be expected until Aunt Pauline has a confrontation with Cathy over the way her father has been raising her.
16 Oct. 1963
The Birds and the Bees Bit
A girl invites Ross to his first party but Ross is hesitant to go. Patty and Cathy get involved but will that change Ross' mind?
23 Oct. 1963
The Slumber Party
Patty and Cathy have a slumber party at their house for some of their girlfriends. The Richard, Henry, Tom and another boy show up at the door, before the party starts. Little brother Ross tapes the girls' conversations during the party and uses it for blackmail against Patty and Cathy. The two cousins end up doing his chores, to keep Ross from playing the tape to others, and wait on him constantly. Patty and Cathy turn the table on Ross and everything works out fine in the end for the entire Lane family. All info I have submitted is from the credits listed during the...
30 Oct. 1963
The Babysitters
In an effort to raise enough money to buy a new dress, Patty enlists Richard and Cathy to help run her new babysitting, or tot tending, service.
6 Nov. 1963
The Conquering Hero
Cathy helps Brooklyn Heights high school's best basketball player prepare for a class test. If he fails he will be ineligible for the big game.
13 Nov. 1963
The President
Patty and Cathy unknowingly nominate each other for President of the Girls League. What begins as a friendly rivalry turns into a battle of wills, and some dirty campaigning.
20 Nov. 1963
Double Date
Through no fault of their own, Cathy accidentally gets the flu shot that was meant for Patty. Cathy's reaction to the shot causes her to miss the dance party later that night, so Patty decides to pull a double shift so Cathy won't lose her boyfriend.
27 Nov. 1963
The Actress
At an audition for a school play, Patty inadvertently steals the part of Cleopatra from Cathy, who becomes her understudy. Meanwhile, Patty arranges for a Hollywood talent scout to view the play, but her plans are jeopardized when she develops laryngitis. Cathy dutifully fills in for Patty, but Patty has other ideas after she makes a last-minute recovery.
4 Dec. 1963
How to Be Popular
After feeling like a wallflower at one of Patty's parties, Cathy asks a newspaper columnist how she can be more popular. Cathy tries hard, but the results are not what she expects.
11 Dec. 1963
The Songwriters
In order to win Richard back, Patty, on the advice of her mother, decides to write a poem. After having no luck writing one on her own, Patty finds a poem in a book and gives that one to Richard. Everyone thinks that Patty wrote the poem and it's not a problem until Cathy puts the words to music and Richard decides to enter the song into a TV contest.
18 Dec. 1963
The Princess Cathy
Patty and Cathy compete for the attention of a visiting foreign student. The student becomes enamored with Cathy and asks her to marry him.
25 Dec. 1963
The Christmas Present
Martin is forced by his boss to fire his twin brother, who is also Cathy's father, at Christmas time.
1 Jan. 1964
Auld Lang Syne
Now that Uncle Kenneth (Cathy's father) has made it home and been fired from his job, Patty and Cathy scheme to get him rehired.
8 Jan. 1964
After a few horoscope predictions come true, Patty sees this as an opportunity to make a few quick bucks to help buy a birthday present for her mom. As business booms, she enlists Cathy to "double" their profits.
15 Jan. 1964
The Tycoons
When a dress made by Cathy becomes a hit at school, Patty decides to market the dresses to a wider audience. Soon, however, the difficulties of owning a growing business become all too real.
22 Jan. 1964
Author! Author!
A French teenager writes a best-selling book. Patty thinks she can do the same in America. An unscrupulous book publisher gets involved.
29 Jan. 1964
The Continental
Martin's newspaper reassigns him to the Paris bureau for a year. At first the entire family is enthusiastic about the trip. But the enthusiasm begins to wane when each family member realizes what they are leaving behind.
5 Feb. 1964
Let 'Em Eat Cake
Patty and Cathy accidentally eat a cake that Patty's mom had baked for a contest. Even though they lack any baking skills, the pair, along with Ross, decide to make a replacement cake.
12 Feb. 1964
Going Steady
Patty accepts Richard's ring and they both decide to go steady. Both of their families think they are too young to steady so they conspire to change Patty and Richard's minds.
19 Feb. 1964
Are Mothers People?
Natalie begins to feel unappreciated at home. And the advice she gets from her friend seems to make matters worse.
26 Feb. 1964
The Con Artist
Cathy gets in over her head when she purchases a vacuum cleaner from a door to door salesman. Patty steps in to help but soon both of them end up on the wrong side of the law.
4 Mar. 1964
The Perfect Teenager
Patty takes a test in a magazine to see how good of a teenager she is. Her self-confidence plummets when she fails the test, so she decides to take a modeling class to try to regain her confidence.
11 Mar. 1964
Chip Off the Old Block
Patty becomes editor of the school newspaper. Seeking to get a quick increase in readership she avoids modelling the paper after her father's and instead goes the tabloid route.
18 Mar. 1964
The Wedding Anniversary Caper
In order to win a prize for their parents' anniversary, Ross enters Patty into a Beautiful Teens contest. Patty initially declines but later decides to help her brother. But her only chance at winning is with Cathy's help.
1 Apr. 1964
Pen Pals
Patty finds a pen pal through the newspaper and soon decides that her new pal is superior to Richard.
8 Apr. 1964
The Friendship Bit
Shortly after Cathy receives a present for doing well on a test, Patty begins uncontrollable sneezing whenever she gets near Cathy. The family believes the sneezing is a psychosomatic result of Patty's jealousy of Cathy, while Cathy thinks it's because Patty hates her.
25 Mar. 1964
A Slight Case of Disaster
Patty gets an expensive dress for a school dance. But before Patty can pay for it Cathy borrows the dress, with disastrous results.
15 Apr. 1964
Patty, the Foster Mother
As part of a school project, Patty becomes a foster parent for a Korean boy. Amongst all of the paperwork she signs is, unbeknown to her, an adoption form.
22 Apr. 1964
The Drop Out
Richard decides to drop out of high school, and Patty, in turn, decides to drop him.
29 Apr. 1964
Leave It to Patty
After Patty is put in charge of the school prom she poses as Cathy in order to get Cathy's old school friend, who has become a pop star, to perform at the dance.
6 May 1964
The Little Dictator
Cathy is chosen to be student principal for the week. As part of her duties she is assigned to teach a class. In that class Patty begins to disrupt things and Cathy has no choice but to reprimand her.
13 May 1964
The Working Girl
Patty has an opportunity to work at the shake shop. At first she is enthusiastic about the money, but the work itself begins to wear on her.
20 May 1964
The Cousins
Patty and Cathy reminisce about the time when Cathy came to live with the Lane family.

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