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  • Seventeen year old Susan Slade (Connie Stevens), a shy and somewhat sheltered girl, having been cooped up for the past 10 years at a remote mining site in Chile where her father was chief engineer, meets handsome mountain climber Conn White (Grant Williams) while on a ship back to California. During their whirlwind shipboard romance, Susan gives herself to Conn completely and finds out several months later that she is pregnant. When Conn is killed while climbing Mt McKinley, Susan's parents decide that the best way to protect Susan is to pass off the baby as her little brother. Susan goes along with the plan but finds it upsetting not being able to tell the two men -- horse stabler Hoyt Brecker (Troy Donahue) and Wells Corbett (Bert Convy), son of Roger's employer -- the truth about little Rogie (short for Roger), whom she loves more than anything in the world. Edit

  • Susan Slade is based on the 1961 novel The Sin of Susan Slade by Doris Hume.The story first appeared in The American Magazine, 1955. The novel was adapted for the movie by American screenwriter and director Delmer Daves. Edit

  • Hoyt and Susan rush baby Rogie to the hospital to get medical help for his burns. Several hours later, as the Slades, the Corbetts, and Hoyt wait to hear news of his condition, the doctor comes in to tell them that Rogie will be all right and that the child's mother, meaning Leah (Dorothy McGuire) (Susan's mother) can see him now. Unable to keep up the pretense any longer, Susan reveals that she is Rogie's mother and asks Wells whether he still wants to marry her. Wells does not reply one way or another, and, after telling Susan how brave she is, the Corbetts take Wells home. After seeing Rogie, Susan goes home to find Hoyt waiting for her He assures her that the fact that Rogie is her child doesn't change his feelings for her one single bit. In the final scene, they profess their love for each other. Edit

  • Susan Slade is most often compared to three other movies, A Summer Place (1959) (1959), Parrish (1961) (1961), and Rome Adventure (1962) (1962) because all four films star Troy Donahue as the male lead and were written and directed by Delmer Daves. In A Summer Place, Donahue is paired with Sandra Dee as star-crossed, underage lovers who find out that they are pregnant. In Parrish, Donahue plays the son of a tobacco plantation owner and is torn between three lovelies, one of whom is played by Connie Stevens. In Rome Adventure, Donahue finds romance with Suzanne Pleshette when they go jaunting around Rome together on a motorbike. Get out your tissues. Edit



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