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Retro 1940 Fan Trailer for Ed Wood's Captain America: Civil War

I've got a pretty awesome fan-made trailer for Captain America: Civil War that you've gotta check out! It reimagines the film as if it had been directed by the legendary Ed Wood. The trailer was cut together by Darth Blender using footage from a variety of films from the '30s, '40s, and '50s. You will find a list of those films below the embed. The trailer is surprisingly entertaining, and I think you'll enjoy it.  

Films used to create this trailer include:

- Adventures Of Captain Marvel (1941).

- Captain America (1944).

- Cat-Women Of The Moon (1953).

- King Of the Rocket Man (1949).

- Mysterious Doctor Satan (1940).

- Spy Smasher (1942).

- The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957).

- The Green Archer (1940).

- The Fighting Devil Dogs (1938).

- The Avengers (1961).
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7 Ages Of The Comic Book Movie

Warner Brothers

To say that the comic book movie is here to stay may seem like a glib understatement. In 2014 alone there are no less than five massive scale mainstream blockbuster movies being released based on Marvel Comics properties alone (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Big Hero 6). Yet it was barely a decade ago that film critics, audiences and analysts perceived the raft of contemporary big screen comic book adaptations as a passing fad, a bubble that would soon burst.

Of course films based on comic books (or comic strips) are nothing new, but just how did we get from a time when movies and TV were strictly y’know for kids, cheap and throwaway, to the current dominance of comic adaptations as the blockbuster form? Just as paper comics have their own ages, from
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Top Ten Green Arrow Artists Part 1

Green Arrow is a perennial second string DC Comics character that has recently become more popular again through the successful CW show Arrow, whose premiere was the highest rated CW program in three years and was recently picked up for a second season. He also will be a playable character in the upcoming fighting video game Injustice: God Among Us. Previously, he made many guest appearances in the animated shows Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice (where he was voiced by Firefly star Alan Tudyk). But before becoming famous on the silver screen, Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow began as a Batman/Robin Hood quasi-rip off in DC Comics’ More Fun Comics 73 (1941) which also marked the debut of Aquaman (who is cool now).

George Papp (More Fun Comics; Adventure Comics)

During the height of the 1940s, superheroes were omnipresent. A lot of them were riffs on popular superheroes like Will Eisner’s Wonder Man,
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Green Arrow TV Series in the Works

The CW is planning to turn another DC Comics property into a television series, similar to "Smallville." The new show will be based on "Green Arrow" and the network is very close to ordering the pilot episode. Green Arrow is a hooded archer who creates trick arrows with special functions. His secret identity is a billionaire - Oliver Queen, the former mayor of the fictional Star City. The comic book debuted in 1941 and was loosely inspired by the film "The Green Archer," which was based on a novel by Edgar Wallace. The character was first introduced to CW viewers on "Smallville" in 2006, played by Justin Hartley (pictured), who appeared in more than 70 episodes of the long-running series. Hartley is not involved in the new project, however.
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'Green Arrow' TV series near pilot order at The CW!

'Green Arrow' TV series near pilot order at The CW!
Smallville fans rejoice! The CW is getting back into the DC Comics universe and edging close to a pilot order for a new series starring the Green Arrow.

For the uninitiated, Green Arrow is sort of Batman meets Robin Hood. He’s hooded archer who creates trick arrows with special functions (explosives, grappling, etc), in addition to rocking a tight green suit. Like the Dark Knight, his secret identity is a billionaire — Oliver Queen, the former mayor of the fictional Star City. The comic book debuted in 1941 and was loosely inspired by the film The Green Archer, which was based
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Must Watch Retro 1950's Trailer for The Avengers!

Hey gang! You've got to watch this incredible retro 1950's trailer for The Avengers! This thing was put together in credibly well, and I couldn't help but have a smile on my face the whole time I was watching it. I would love to see this movie if it actually existed! Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

The trailer above was created by YouTube user whoiseyevan and here's what he had to say about it.

What if... the Avengers movie was created years before the actual comic book?

Lost in the annals of time and space, comes this magnificent motion picture of epic proportions. Taking a page from such horror classics as "Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman" and "House of Frankenstein," Timely Atlas Studios (the precursor to Marvel Studios), created the first superhero movie team-up. "The Avengers" featured an awesome array of characters such as Captain America,
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DVD Reviews: The Green Archer Restored!

Restored Serials’ Super Restoration Series brings you the Columbia Pictures’ 1940 serial The Green Archer, based on Edgar Wallace’s 1923 novel, fully restored on DVD!

The loose adaptation of the Edgar Wallace story starts out with Michael Bellamy (Kenne Duncan) inheriting Garr Castle only to be falsely accused and imprisoned by his brother, Abel Bellamy (James Craven), who wants Garr Castle for his own in order to run an jewel thieving operation. After a few suspicious events, like when Michael’s wife Elaine (Dorothy Fay) doesn’t return from a trip to the Castle, private detective Spike Holland (Victor Jory) moves into the neighborhood, determined to crack the case. Abel desperately tries to remove the threat of the troublesome detective, only to be thwarted by mysterious appearances of the legendary Green Archer. The forces of good and evil struggle against each other in battles of wits and brawn and the serial
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