Blue Hawaii (1961) Poster


Roland Winters: Fred Gates



  • Sarah Lee Gates : Now that Chadwick's home, I'm sure he's got all that foolishness out of his system, after the war.

    Fred Gates : Sarah Lee, how many times do I have to tell you, he was not in a war.

    Sarah Lee Gates : I know you're right, Daddy, but if I don't tell myself there was a war, I have a most depressive feeling Chadwick's just wasted two years.

  • Sarah Lee Gates : My baby's home from the big house

    Fred Gates : Oh, Sarah Lee, will you forget those old movies?

  • Sarah Lee Gates : Chadwick think of who you are. Remember you come from a fine family.

    Chad Gates : You'll do enough remembering for both of us, ma.

    Sarah Lee Gates : Oh Daddy, what did we do wrong?

    Fred Gates : Offhand I'd say we got married.

  • Sarah Lee Gates : What was that?

    Fred Gates : Something we may have to get used to, Sarah Lee. It's called the sound of youth.

  • Fred Gates : Who is this character anyway?

    Chad Gates : This is my boss, dad.

    Mr. Chapman : Your ex- you're fired young man.

    Maile Duval : Mr. Chapman, he was only protecting your clients. You can't fire him.

    Mr. Chapman : Oh yes I can, I'll do it again,too. Just watch me.

    [turns to Chad and points a finger at him] 

    Mr. Chapman : You're fired. You see?

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