Angel Baby (1961) Poster


Salome Jens: Angel Baby


  • Mollie Hays : Don't be scared. Just say what's in your heart.

    Angel Baby : [Practicing her first sermon at the podium]  Yes. I was thinking how when we pray down on our knees, it appears to us that the Lord has to be summoned from a far place... that child-like fear... maybe the Lord can't get to us from afar, stays with us and we grow old with it 'til when we're withered and our hair's whited. And we think maybe, maybe we ain't important enough to bring Him rushing to us and we hear our own little thin voice and we say, "How's it gonna get to Him" To fetch him?" Well, I tell you the Lord is everywhere. You don't have to come rushing. He don't have to strain to hear even a whisper. He's everywhere and in everything. He's got His arms held around the Earth hugging us close to Him. His love is such, it can enfold every living creature, every flower, every tree, every man and every woman!

  • Sam Wilcox : Angel Baby. I declare you as the sweetest, juiciest peach in the whole state of Georgia.

    Angel Baby : [Looking at a dress he gave her]  Sam, it's very pretty, but I don't think it's fittin' and proper for me to preach in it.

    Sam Wilcox : What's wrong about a beautiful gal preaching the word of God? Ain't no law says you gotta scare people to death to come to Jesus.

  • Angel Baby : I didn't know the sweet light of Jesus then. I didn't know you. Oh, Brother Strand. I gotta say it, and you gotta let me say it. It's been burning in my heart since you give me my healing. Whatever I am now... or come to be... is because of you.

    Paul Strand : Because of God, Jenny.

    Angel Baby : [Taking his hands]  Put your hands to my throat. The way you did that night to give me my healing.

    Paul Strand : Jenny, I told you it was God.

    Angel Baby : It was you.

    Paul Strand : Jenny, this isn't right.

    Angel Baby : I can't help myself. Don't you know how I feel? How seeing you every day and being near you is like the lights blazing up in the tent? And Mollie's music...

    Paul Strand : [Interrupting her]  Jenny, we better go back.

    Angel Baby : Not 'til I say it. You gotta let me say it. I don't care if the whole world hears. I love you. I love you so much it's digging my heart out.

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