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Utterly Routine
dougdoepke6 June 2015
The programmer's neither good nor bad, just a familiar storyline given undistinguished treatment. Nick and two buddies rob an armored car, but the buddies are killed in the robbery. Now Nick's out of prison, intent on retrieving the loot he's hidden. Trouble is both a mobster and the cops are watching. Meanwhile, he's got a sexy blonde girlfriend (Anders) who's double-crossing him with his so-called friend Dave (Christopher). Sound familiar. Yeah, old film fans have probably seen its variation a hundred times.

For a budget production, the effort's competently done. Foster in the lead does his best, but doesn't convey much presence. The cast is distinguished by noir villain Berry Kroeger as the mobster, and Joan Evans as good girl Gail. In fact, Evans had a very promising studio career in the early 50's that unfortunately didn't endure. Looks like this was her last feature-length appearance. I wish there were something outstanding, good or bad, to comment on, but there isn't, unless it's movie vet Fawcett (Packy) who's about as ravaged-looking an old duffer I've seen. All in all, the 70-minutes remains a watchable, but highly unremarkable crime drama that's probably forgotten 5-minutes later.
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ok caper.... no real surprises.
ksf-21 April 2018
Ron Foster is "Nick", fresh out of jail for robbery, and the loot has never been found. That's pretty much the opening line, said by the prison warden, as he releases Nick back to the world. and hot on his trail is Detective Brodney (Harp McGuire). and the mob. and the people he thinks are his friends. And Joan Evans is "Gail"... who may or may not be an innocent bystander. Evans gets top billing in the cast list, so she must be pretty important to the plot. Written by Stephen Kandel. He wrote almost exclusively for television, and this. and a couple films earlier in his career. Directed by Edward Cahn, for United Artists, towards the end of his career... only worked a couple more years after this. The "fist fights" are just terrible. so fake. The story itself is pretty good, the acting is pretty good. Picture and sound quality are great. entertaining enough.
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