Insight Poster

(I) (1960–1984)

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6 Feb. 1963
The Tyrants
A drama about anti-communist movements focusing on Stalin, Lenin, and Marx.
24 May 1964
Boss Toad
Teenager Danny Henderson chafes under the discipline of his rigid parents, especially when he becomes involved with a neighbor girl whose parents are very permissive. Danny finds himself having to choose between people he cares about.
3 Jan. 1965
Bourbon in Suburbia
Dorothy is a housewife in a suburban town. She believes herself a casual drinker, but repeated embarrassing lapses cause her to rethink her attitude, especially when her children make clear they have lost respect for her. Dorothy finally admits that she's an alcoholic.
10 Jan. 1965
The Killer
The murderer of a young Italian girl comes to repent his crime.
6 May 1965
The Prisoner
The story of Maximillian Kolbe, a prisoner in Auschwitz. In the midst of the mist degrading surroundings, he retains his love of life and his faith in God.
Trial by Fire
An American combat pilot refuses to obey commands of his superior officers.
27 Mar. 1966
The Woodpile
A talented, sophisticated African American male is the front runner for a top job, although he has the best qualifications, some executives are reluctant to give the green light to hire him.
24 Apr. 1966
The Hate Syndrome
A police detective must sort out a situation involving an elderly Hebrew teacher, and an antisemitic man.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way
A couple's missed connection at an airport reveals how they have lost their way.
A sex symbol actor suffers under intense questioning on a TV talk show.
23 Apr. 1967
Seed of Dissent
A father is devastated when told his teenage daughter is pregnant.
30 Apr. 1967
A Small Statistic
A young couple are devastated when their first child dies at birth.
7 May 1967
The Thousand-Mile Journey
In a play on the Good Samaritan theme, an American Journalist learns that relief supplies meant for starving masses are being diverted by corrupt politicians.