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  • Return of the Fly is a sequel to The Fly (1958) (1958), which was based on a short story of the same name by French-born (later British) author George Langelaan [1908-1972]. The story was first published in the June, 1957 issue of Playboy magazine. Return of the Fly is based on a screenplay by American screenwriter and director Edward Bernds. It was followed by a third Fly movie Curse of the Fly (1965) (1965). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Fifteen years have passed since Andre Delambre invented the machine that turned him into a fly. His son Philippe (Brett Halsey) is now a young man and a scientist in his own right. Helene Delambre has recently died, and the movie opens with Philippe and his uncle François (Vincent Price) attending her funeral. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There has been no official comment from the production company, but the most likely explanation is budgetary. Black-and-white film was much cheaper to use in the 1950s and was one way of cutting production costs of science fiction films, which were often low-budget movies in the first place. Other cost-cutting measures are also apparent, such as the use of the original sets, which were still standing (Return of the Fly was shot less than a year after The Fly). Also for this reason, none of the original actors from The Fly returned for the sequel, the only exception being Vincent Price. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Confined to his bed because of the gunshot wound, François summons Inspector Beecham (John Sutton) and tells him about Philippe's disintegration/integration as part fly. Beecham searches the lab and captures the fly with Philippe's head when he hears Philippe's tinny voice crying, "Cecile, help me!" However, Philippe with the fly's head is nowhere to be found. François is worried that Philippe may have been wounded by the police and crawled off to die or that Philippe with the fly's head may not have a human brain and become just a murderous monster. Actually, Philippe has searched out and killed his "friend" and traitor, Alan Hinds (David Frankham), and Hinds' partner in crime, Max Berthold (Dan Seymour). During the night, Philippe sneaks into Cecile (Danielle De Metz)'s bedroom. When she sees him, Cecile screams and Beecham comes running. Beecham leads Philippe to the laboratory where he is joined by François and Cecile. Beecham places Philippe and the fly into the disintegration chamber, and François runs them through the process, reuniting Philippe's body and head. Philippe stumbles out of the chamber and into Cecile's arms. In the final scene, the fly that once bore Philippe's head lands on the wall. Edit (Coming Soon)


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