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Sex & Nudity

  • There is talk about taking 30 to 50 "whores" and letting about 500 POWs have sex with them. One character tells a guard to let 10 girls for every barrack.
  • Some "bedroom" scenes of some charecters after they have sex (some for the first time) but nothing over PG-13.

Violence & Gore

  • 3 prisoners get beheaded by the use of a Samurai sword. (the act is not shown, but there is blood on the sword.) After they get beheaded the exicutioner kicks their bodys over a ledge. (later breifly shown with minimal blood)
  • Several prisioners run into a barb wire fence that is electrified. When they hit, some sparks and fire are very briefly shown. Very fake and mild to todays standards. One man commits sucide by running into the fence.
  • People get hit and slapped by guards and other people. (no blood, but some bruses)
  • There is also a scene to where they take a dog and (to show to the prisoners) throw him agianst the electrified barb wire, killing him.


  • 10 or so uses of Bastard and Son of a Bitch. 2 or 3 Damns. pretty much a PG-13 film. 2 uses of Chink (twards Chinese people)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Scenes where people smoke (and talk about it), also some scenes where people are seen drinking Sake. There is a breif drinking contest.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Not really intense but a little disturbing: the exeuction scene (as listed above)
  • also a disturbing scene is where they get the 600 POWs from a train car. As they open the doors the men fall out (some get trampled). Is later shown as some people are "Baked to death " in the train cars. The men that were "Baked to Death" are shown and we see maggots crawling out of wounds and some dead bodys.

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