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Hey Louis! Hey Keely!
captainot8 February 2000
Like another commenter, I too saw this on AMC (a million thanks AMC!). However, I wasn't disappointed! When viewing "drive-in" movies of the 1950s and early 1960s, one shouldn't look for great acting or redeeming messages. Watch this for the performances of great artists such as Louis Prima and Keely Smith! Where else will you see the famed duo singing "Hey Boy! Hey Girl!" or to see Sam Butera and the Witnesses wail! I admit this is a cheesy movie and acting skills are mediocre at best. But when they stop acting and play songs, the movie immediately comes to life and for a brief moment, you are watching legends at work. Give it a shot and swing!
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It's got Louis Prima, what more could you want?
PonderosaGal30 December 2005
I bought "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" because I'm a huge Louis Prima fan. But because of some IMDb members reviews I was afraid to watch it. Well, let me tell you, this is a very nice movie. There's nothing lewd, nothing that could offend anyone, and it has it's funny moments too. You may not like it if you're into all that heavy Drama or action-adventure stuff. People complain about the poor acting, which is something else that made me nervous about watching it, but they all did a great job for musicians. Seeing Louis perform was fantastic, another reason to get this would be to see him. Great casting as well. Seeing James Gregory as the Priest was a real treat.

Well, it may be just me, but I really like this movie. I can't tell you that you'll love it right away, it's really a "hit or miss" type of thing. Depending on your taste and/or personality you might like it, you might not. The only thing I can tell you is to try it out and see for yourself.

But if I had to sum it up, I'd say, if you love Louis Prima and if you like fun carefree movies, I'd go with this one.
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I absolutely loved this movie!
simchapaya21 January 2001
I was in the hospital 82 days for spinal cord surgery in 2000. For the most part, I was knocked-out from medication. One evening in February 2000 on AMC, Hey Boy! Hey Girl! came on. I had never heard of Keely Smith or Louis Prima as yet, but I managed to remain awake during the entire film and it was the highlight of my hospital stay. This past summer, after learning to walk after being paralyzed, my husband and I went to Atlantic City and saw a duo imitating Louis Prima and Keely Smith. They were terrific. We met them and they said they would send me a copy of the movie, but never did, probably because it was never made into a VHS tape. I couldn't wait to show it to my husband who I know would love it, but it hasn't been on again, unfortunately. I have a CD with their greatest hits which I listen to constantly. The acting may not have been the best but it was a realistic picture and I hope to see it one day, again. It certainly wasn't a waste of time for me.
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As a showcase of great music, it's a good movie.
glassgirl1019 February 2000
It's not meant to be Showboat or American in Paris. It's a low budget movie that showcases the amazing musical talents of Keely Smith and Louis Prima. And it succeeds. Not familiar with their music, I promptly went out and bought 'Louis and Keely' and I have enjoyed the CD ever since.

As for the movie....it's a typical gee-whiz boy (okay, older man) meets girl with a heck of a singing voice. They cat and mouse it. They have conflict (baby brother feels neglected, she feels guilty) and they overcome it. Again, so what. Watch it for the music and the chemistry between Keely, Prima, and even Butera and the Whispers. A plus...seeing 'the old Inspector', Barney Miller's James Gregory as the priest.

Happy viewing!
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Poor film, good performances
BobLib17 February 2000
While the hackneyed plot of this film is no great shakes, by any means, it's a first class vehicle for its two stars, Louis Prima and Keely Smith, as performers. True originals at a time when there wasn't too much of that in the music biz, Prima and Smith were at the height of their popularity (and marriage) when they made this, their only film together. Prima's bouncy antics counterbalanced by Smith's "What am I doing here?" attitude can still entertain 42 years later. So, taken at that level, "Hey Boy! Hey Girl!" is definitely worth seeing once. For me, though, Prima and Smith's finest cinematic hours as individuals, anyhow, were in Disney's 1967 "The Jungle Book" and "Thunder Road," respectively.
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I liked Keely Smith so much.
llips21 February 2002
I believe I saw this movie when it first hit the theatres. There are only two things I really remember about it.

First and above all - Keely Smith. I fell in love with that straight fringe of hair across her forehead and the unmoving expression. Still love her, though it's been a long long time.

My other recollection of the movie, if this title is the same one, is a marvellous long shot of the band cavorting across a field in single file, playing their instruments as they parade along.

That's all I recall, so I guess the rest of the film must have been rather forgettable.

But, Keely, you were unforgettable. Love you.
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A great excuse to listen to Louis & Keely...as if you needed one...
Cari-87 February 2000
Although highly entertaining, Hey Boy! Hey Girl! is not exactly Oscar material...but it doesn't need to be. The music of "The Wildest" Louis Prima is loosely tied together with just enough story to bring Keely into the picture. Now, this isn't the true story of Louis and Keely, but a kindly tale of a bandleader (who just happens to be named Louis Prima) who falls for a sweet homespun Catholic girl named Dorothy Spencer (Keely's full name is Dorothy Keely Smith) who is raising her young brother alone, is a wonderful cook and housekeeper, loves all children and coincidentally has a voice to soothe both crying babies and nightclub audiences. What self-respecting musical frontman could resist? Listen also for Keely's native Tidewater Virginia accent...unmistakable.

The film features some of the signature Prima music and Sam Butera and Witnesses are whooping it up as always. There's some pretty interesting lip-synching going on here, but actually it's surprisingly well done considering Louis never did a song the same way twice. This is a fair Prima primer, but the plot, well...put it this way---at least you always know who to cheer for.

Audiophiles will find that there are now some excellent CD's out there...try "Capitol Collectors Series: Louis Prima". A great opportunity to hear the ultimate version of "Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody"...
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Hey Boy! Hey Girl!
malsby110 December 2006
I have seen this movie on TV AMC I don't remember how long ago it was but it has been on my mind ever since. I am 90 years of age and when I was growing up that was the type music and dancing that I knew. And it brought back memories. I would like to buy the movie if I can. Hey Boy! Hey Girl!. After all these years I just happen to type in on my computer (Keely Smith name) and that is how I got here. Each and everyone should see this movie, It is great. When I was growing up I played trumpet in a dance band, and Louis Prima was the one that I looked too. Doing that time of life people were happy, they would be walking, humming, and singing, you didn't have to ask a person how are you feeling, you could tell my the smile on there face.
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Fun fun fun!
JohnSeal13 March 2000
Okay, the plot is paperthin, but who cares when you're watching one of the most unique performers in the history of pop music, Louis Prima. Was there another band of the time that could hold a candle to Sam Butera and the Witnesses? Maybe the Famous Flames. Sam's version of Fever is gone, dad, gone. WAY out. Anyone who loves rock n roll, jazz, or 50s pop needs to see this movie.
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very enjoyable
jrcasani11 May 2000
As a long time fan of Louis Prima and someone who went to Las Vegas to the Lounge just to watch the show, this movis brought back really fine memories. The movie itself was definitely class B, not much of a plot and not very good acting, but the music was the greatest. I could watch it a dozen times, especially if I can fast foward over the non music parts.
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Kirpianuscus31 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Many motives to be critic about this movie. And many motives, too, for love it. It is a nice vehicle for the songs. Gives a noble and beautiful message. Propose , in fair manner, the fresh spirit of a period. Keely Smith and Louis Prima are so charming than the age difference becomes an insignificant detail. And, not the last, James Gregory does a beautiful job as father Burton. So, just - just charming. Brotherhood, generosity for children, a wise priest, frustrations of a boy about the new life of his elder sister,a beautiful career of the last from Cinderela recipe, , a trip and a bazaar near a car as prize. Naif, off course. But seductive for its spirit and for the fresh air from a large open window.
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Such a great combination.
redmire-pool10 May 2018
A real classic B movie. Every time I hear "Up A Lazy River" it just creases me up. I have an LP of them at Tahoo and the number of times it gets played it's a wonder it's still playable.
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