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Season 4

2 Oct. 1962
Day in the Sun
A beach boy breaks in to a drive-in and shoots the owner. Danny Quan enlists Tom to help find the man responsible.
9 Oct. 1962
Somewhere There's Music
Kim's cab is stolen from in front of the hotel - with a priceless Stradivarius in the trunk.
16 Oct. 1962
There'll Be Some Changes Made
Cricket and Phil try to help a young widow hide her infant son from the paternal grandfather who wants to take the child back to the mainland.
23 Oct. 1962
The Broken Thread
When a past girlfriend of Greg's is killed in a traffic accident, the woman's husband hires MacKenzie to find out if her death was due to an extramarital affair.
30 Oct. 1962
Lament for a Saturday Warrior
Tom Lopaka's high school football pal becomes a suspect in a jewel heist.
13 Nov. 1962
The After Hours Heart
Phil becomes concerned when his naive, spinster cousin comes to visit and falls for an impoverished, womanizing writer.
20 Nov. 1962
The Sign-Off
Phil Barton uses his head to find the key clue in the slaying of a TV newscaster's errant wife.
27 Nov. 1962
A Night with Nora Stewart
Superstar Nora Stewart is preparing for a comeback concert several years after a mental breakdown had caused her to leave show business. While vacationing at The Hawaiian Village before the show she is terrorized by a mysterious stalker.
4 Dec. 1962
To See, Perchance to Dream
Phil's racecar driver friend Eddie Croft comes to Honolulu in an attempt to overcome the physical and psychological injuries that he suffered in a fiery crash at Le Mans.
11 Dec. 1962
Pursuit of a Lady
Tennis pro Liz Downing is murdered minutes after Greg MacKenzie proposes to her. While searching for her killer, Greg learns much about her that he never knew.
18 Dec. 1962
Shannon Malloy
Shannon Malloy - a struggling young artist and cocktail waitress - becomes the recipient of a fortune in pearls from a mysterious benefactor.
1 Jan. 1963
Go Steady with Danger
Tom Lopaka is on the trail of a gigolo who seduces and then blackmails married older women.
8 Jan. 1963
Kupikio Kid
Tom Lopaka is retained by business tycoon Judson Kirk to help the wealthy man locate and reconnect with his estranged son.
15 Jan. 1963
Maybe Menehunes
Trouble ensues when actress Norma Marriott and her businessman husband plan to build a house upon land that is considered sacred by the local Hawaiian natives.
22 Jan. 1963
Pretty Pigeon
Tom Lopaka and mystery writer Charlene Boggs go undercover to investigate a supposed suicide at a posh resort on the island of Kauai.
29 Jan. 1963
Two Too Many
Building developer Jeff Richardson finds his job and his marriage endangered by allegations that he is having an affair with a woman who he claims he never met.
5 Feb. 1963
Boar Hunt
A series of near-fatal accidents make it appear that someone is trying to kill Phil Barton's favorite uncle.
12 Feb. 1963
Go for Baroque
A security officer from the Hawaiian Eye is murdered by the thief who he interrupts in the process of stealing an ancient Polynesian navigation chart from the collection of the late Professor Coleman.
19 Feb. 1963
The Long Way Home
After botching an armored car hold-up, two thugs kidnap the daughter of movie star Paula Keith.
26 Feb. 1963
Two Million Too Much
An armored car en route to the bank is robbed of two million dollars in cash; but the only people who knew the route beforehand were Tom Lopaka, Greg MacKenzie, and Mokie Richardson.
5 Mar. 1963
Blow Low, Blow Blue
When Cricket discovers legendary jazz trumpeter Joey Vito waiting tables at an out of the way cafe she tries to talk him into performing again, not knowing that he is hiding from his past.
19 Mar. 1963
Gift of Love
Evangelist and faith healer Brother Love is suspected of scamming wealthy women.
26 Mar. 1963
The Sisters
Sisters Nora and Nancy Cobinder are visiting Honolulu shortly after the murder of Nancy's ex-boyfriend, and now someone is trying to kill Nora.
2 Apr. 1963
Greg MacKenzie follows a tour group to Tokyo in order to keep tabs on a man suspected of stealing $100,000 from his employer.

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