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Season 2

24 May 1964
Laney's Boy
Brenner looks into charges that several police officers have covered up the crimes committed by a juvenile because his father is a veteran and respected police sergeant.
31 May 1964
The Vigilantes
A sudden rash of muggings and murders in a previously quiet neighborhood have the citizenry up in arms. They aren't satisfied with Lt. Brenner's actions - additional patrols, detectives working on the cases around the clock - and decide take matters into their own hands and form a vigilante committee. While the police draw their dragnet around one suspect, the vigilantes focus on an odd little man who can't account for his whereabouts when the crimes were committed.
7 Jun. 1964
Departmental Trial
Ernie Brenner arrests pretty Terry McClure when a businessman identifies the coat she's wearing as one that was stolen from his department store. After listening to both the store owner's and Terry's story, Detective 1st Class Tom Cleary refuses to book the young woman because of lack of evidence. The furious manager files charges with the New York Police Department accusing Crehan of dereliction of duty and Roy and Ernie Brenner attempt to support their fellow detective at the ensuing departmental trial.
14 Jun. 1964
Point of Law
Ernie Brenner spends a lot of his time coaching a basketball team for disadvantage youths. He thinks he's making progress with the boys until one his stars is accused of breaking and entering and subsequently being the getaway driver after a vicious armed robbery. Regretting his soft-heartedness, he pledges to bring in the culprit by any means necessary.
28 Jun. 1964
Ray falls in love with a woman who has trouble coming to terms with the danger inherent in his job.
5 Jul. 1964
Unwritten Law
When a mob moss is murdered, the New York police search for the dead man's chauffeur who disappeared immediately after the killing. Roy Brenner is order to investigate the chauffeur's estranged son, a decorated police officer, who the top brass feel may be aiding and abetting the fugitive.
12 Jul. 1964
The Plain Truth
George Hirsch, a veteran cop who just served six months for a hit-and-run accident, swears he didn't commit the crime and is worried that his wife has been seeing another man while he was in prison. Meanwhile Roy Brenner investigates a lead - an anonymous letter from a man who claims that another man was driving the hit-and-run car. The evidence seems to point to a window dresser as not only the driver of the vehicle in question, but the man who was cuckolding Hirsch.
19 Jul. 1964
Charlie Paradise: The Tragic Flute
An old woman who hasn't seen for years is found murdered in her Greenwich Village apartment and the New York police department is stumped. Lieutenant Roy Brenner goes to his old friend, Charlie Paradise, the unofficial mayor of the Village and requests his assistance. When an eccentric painter is found murdered and one of his painting is missing, Charlie links the clues and stages an art auction to smoke out the culprit.

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