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5 Oct. 1958
The Deputy
A marshal with a reputation, finished with his last job in Abilene, comes to a town needing a new one. His job priorities are to find the killer of who he replaced and to hire a deputy, a hard job to fill.
12 Oct. 1958
The Prisoner
Troop has his hands full when he arrests a tough cowhand who comes to Laramie periodically. Goading boys and men into gunfights is his method but Dan doesn't get the support of the town council so he may have to find other means.
19 Oct. 1958
The Joker
A stranger rides into town, playing jokes on the locals and a story about Johnny's dad who he always believed was shot by raiders. The story he's told causes him to quit his job until Troop discovers the real history his deputy never knew.
26 Oct. 1958
The Oath
Marshall Troop takes two men to the territorial prison. One a doctor and the other to be hanged. When they run across a stage that's lost a wheel, the doctor must decide between helping a murderer go free or the oath he took as a doctor.
2 Nov. 1958
The Outcast
A vilified man is in Laramie. It's up to Troop to get Bob Ford on the 4pm train before he is killed or lynched by the good citizens, who have nothing good even to sing about him.
9 Nov. 1958
The Jury
The verdict is in - Kate Wilson is once again found not guilty of a crime. If the marshal has any say, her feminine charms have been wielded at the male population one too many times because he has a plan.
16 Nov. 1958
A bounty hunter brings a body into Laramie to collect the fee. He finds out that another wanted man may be hiding out under another name. He sets his sights on taking him in even though Troop has said "no more business for bounty hunters."
23 Nov. 1958
The Badge
Wrongly accused a thief, Bill Andrews is locked up trying to defend himself. With a bad family history, no one seems willing to vouch for him except his longtime friend Johnny McKay who puts his own reputation and badge on the line.
30 Nov. 1958
Luke Saint trained his boy to be fast with a gun. When his grandson wants the title, he may need to face his wounded pa or Marshal Troop to prove it.
7 Dec. 1958
The Intruders
Wing Soong Ling is killed. When the marshal finds his wife, he is told of the fear of extortion and murder in the Chinese camp. Can he help them and the town overcome bigotry even if they feel they can't help themselves?
14 Dec. 1958
Short Straw
Some of the businessman feel the marshal's rules, like curfew, are hampering their business. They decide to do something about it themselves but not with a low card. The one who draws the short straw wins.
21 Dec. 1958
Lady in Question
Johnny's childhood crush returns to Laramie to clear up her father's estate. Hopes to rekindle the flame are dashed when an old boyfriend of hers rides into town. Johnny kills him and prove it was self defense - but no gun can be found.
28 Dec. 1958
The Master
A familiar story - cattlemen vs homesteaders. An old law friend of Dan's is hired to assist the cattlemen. The rumor has it the homesteaders are rustling their cattle. Before the truth is learned, it may be student vs teacher.

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