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4 Jan. 1963
Falling Stars
Stu investigates a suicide and a murder, and several attempts on the life of a TV comic that may be just publicity stunts, but could also be the real thing.
11 Jan. 1963
The Tarnished Idol
Jeff has his office girl Suzanne get in good with a brother and sister he believes are hotel swindlers. However, things get complicated when Suzanne falls in love with the brother.
18 Jan. 1963
Scream Softly, Dear
Kookie investigates a complicated murder, that began with a borrowed car.
25 Jan. 1963
Terror in Silence
Stu helps a deaf librarian, who "hears" a death threat in the library.
1 Feb. 1963
Crash Out!
Jeff and Roscoe go undercover in prison as inmates and plan an escape with an inmate who they believe can lead them to $500,000 in stolen money.
8 Feb. 1963
The Night Was Six Years Long
The agency's old secretary returns with amnesia, after six years away from the office.
15 Feb. 1963
Six Feet Under
Jeff begins to suspect that a mob boss who was supposedly killed in a car accident is in fact not only alive, but the brains behind a rash of jewel and fur thefts.
22 Feb. 1963
Escape to Freedom
Stu must save a scientist's son, who is being held hostage to manipulate her.
1 Mar. 1963
Dial 'S' for Spencer
A woman fears that her brother will be unable to collect his inheritance.
8 Mar. 1963
Nine to Five
Bailey's old friend from New York has two problems, one with his business, the other with his marriage.
15 Mar. 1963
Stranger from the Sea
When a Japanese buddy shows up and finds that his uncle is missing along with $50K, Kookie pitches in to help solve the mystery.
22 Mar. 1963
The Man Who Wasn't There
Jeff is hired by a man who claims that his wife and doctor put him under psychiatric care when he said he saw an old army buddy who was known to have been killed in the Korean War.
29 Mar. 1963
Flight 307
Stu's flight to Hawaii is delayed by chaos: a murder, a fleeing thief, and a love triangle.
5 Apr. 1963
Target Island
J.R. tries to find his date's missing brother, who is a sailor; Jeff finds the brother on an island used by the Navy for target practice.
12 Apr. 1963
Reunion at Balboa
When J.R. and Kookie go to the beach on an assignment, the girl they are watching is injured when her car is being stolen by two boys.
19 Apr. 1963
Walk Among Tigers
Stu uncovers a trap, when he searches a train crash for a client's belongings.
26 Apr. 1963
The Left Field Caper
An unhappy Little League baseball player is the key to a murder.
3 May 1963
The Heartbeat Caper
Stu is giving a lecture at a college, and is asked to investigate the murders of two friends of a brilliant criminologist who has shown that he can beat lie detectors.
10 May 1963
To Catch a Mink
Things go wrong at a charity auction; Stu meets an old flame, who robs the event.
17 May 1963
Lady in the Sun
Stu pursues a lady thief who stole a realtor's books, but she is dangerous.
24 May 1963
Our Man in Switzerland
Stu chases some international crooks, who stole $1 million in securities from the agency, to Switzerland.
31 May 1963
Your Fortune for a Penny
Stu tangles with a blonde while tracking down a cold case.
7 Jun. 1963
The Checkmate Caper
Stu finds himself in the middle of a fake robbery for the heir to a criminal family.
14 Jun. 1963
Never to Have Loved
A talent agent hires Stu and Kookie to protect a client from a very charismatic and domineering director.
20 Sep. 1963
5: Part 1
Stuart Bailey, now operating a one-man detective agency, is summoned to New York by Vincent Marion. Marion wants Bailey to buy his late younger brother Andy's way to heaven -- by making amends to those who Andy has wronged during a wasted life. Bailey must contend with a hostile New York City police detective and various characters whose motives are unclear. Bailey has $9,000 that Andy Marion left. But Andy's debts likely far outweigh the money. One mystery is Carla Stevens, who is following the detective. As the first part ends, Bailey lies in the basement of an ...
27 Sep. 1963
5: Part 2
Stuart Bailey recovers from a beating and presses forward with his case, tracking down people who knew the late Andy Marion and attempt to make right the pain Andy had caused. Bailey encounters a series of eccentric characters who hold pieces of the puzzle. He also tracks down Carla Stevens, Andy's former girlfriend. Meanwhile, Andy's wife of one week turns up dead and New York City Lt. Butter looks to Bailey as the prime suspect. Bailey turns up a photograph of a large key and has a duplicate made. As the episode ends, Bailey has been fired by Victor Marion, the dead...
4 Oct. 1963
5: Part 3
As Stuart Bailey digs deeper into the life the late Andy Marion, he discovers the dead man was dealing in art treasurers stolen by the Nazis in World War II. Vincent Marion, the dead man's brother, agrees to provide additional funds for Bailey to follow a lead to Italy. But Bailey doesn't know that Vincent Marion, an art dealer, is playing a deadly double cross.
11 Oct. 1963
5: Part 4
Stuart Bailey crisscrosses Europe trying to solve the mystery of art objects stolen by the Nazis. The detective discovers the codename of Ajax. But other leads turn out to be literal dead ends. Bailey is also under observation by the U.S. Army unit charged with recovering priceless artworks stolen by the Nazis during World War II. Bailey gets a lead that calls for him to fly to Israel. But before he can make a flight to Israel, he's about to be attacked by thugs in Paris.
18 Oct. 1963
5: The Conclusion
Stuart Bailey fights off attackers in Paris then managers to check out of his hotel and catch a flight to Tel Aviv. Once there, he encounters a World War II veteran who provides valuable knowledge about how a half-billion dollars in artworks stolen by the Nazis were, in turn, stolen again. Vincent Marion, who originally hired Bailey, was behind the theft. He had his brother Andy killed after the younger Marion had tried to go into business for himself. After Marion commits suicide, Bailey moves to solve the marathon case.
25 Oct. 1963
White Lie
Stu Bailey investigates the title for a piece of land in Oklahoma that could yield a fortune in oil. But the owner is afraid to reveal that she has Negro blood, a revelation that would ruin her standing in the White world.
1 Nov. 1963
88 Bars
Stu Bailey is hired by one of the richest women in the world to investigate a series of attempts on the life of her brother. The highlights of Bailey's investigation include a quick trip to Las Vegas and discovering an intruder breaking into his office. The private investigator discovers the brother is hiding something -- something that could mean the end of Bailey.
8 Nov. 1963
Don't Wait for Me
Stu Bailey is hired by wealthy Mrs. Patterson to find out who shot her daughter Sharon in the park. She suspects the boy from the poor side of town and pays Stu when Marco is arrested. He proves what she thinks happened is not the truth.
15 Nov. 1963
By His Own Verdict
Bailey is hired by a retiring attorney to check into the background of his final client - a petty hoodlum accused of murder who, following his acquittal, admitted to the lawyer that he was, in fact, guilty.
29 Nov. 1963
Deposit with Caution
A NY cop is being framed for taking a payoff, and hires Bailey to find out why and clear his name.
6 Dec. 1963
The Toy Jungle
An investigation of a wife's double life lead to a drug ring.
13 Dec. 1963
The Fumble
A drunk, that Stu is supposed to keep an eye on, is framed for murder.
20 Dec. 1963
Bonus Baby
Stu works on a paternity case that involves a son abandoned by his father years before.
27 Dec. 1963
Paper Chase
Stu works on a case, for a paper company, that is complicated by murder and blackmail.

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