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Season 4

22 Sep. 1961
The Rival Eye Caper
Stu and Jeff run into a private eye business that is solving their jewel robbery cases instantly. They find it is a fence for receiving insurance money from the robberies.
29 Sep. 1961
The Desert Spa Caper
Suzanne goes undercover at females-only El Rancho Aphrodite when a actor dies suspiciously and a boozy actress is suspected of being involved. A studio hires Bailey & Spencer to help the bombshell make it through rehab , but someone sabotages her riding saddle and plants hooch in her drawer. Spa goers include a gossip columnist, a rival starlet, and others connected with the dead actor, such as a Waco riding instructor.
5 Oct. 1961
The Man in the Crowd
Jeff is being sought for murder by a vengeful compatriot who fought in the Korean War with him and believes that Jeff collaborated with North Korea.
13 Oct. 1961
The Inverness Cape Caper
Stu is used by an organized crime syndicate to find a lawyer that is to be murdered. When Stu emerges from unconsciousness, his job now is to find the men responsible.
20 Oct. 1961
The Lady Has the Answers
An overly functional family spins Jeff's head like a Lazy Susan, over a murder/jewel heist where nothing makes sense. A precocious grandchild with a pet ocelot bedevils Roscoe, one daughter's missing, and sister Lally's draped all over Jeff. Narcotics, somnambulism, an asylum visit, an elusive psychiatrist, and a mother who makes as much sense as Gracie Allen challenge the Bailey & Spencer firm's patience and resources, as everyone feeds Lt. Gilmore straight lines.
27 Oct. 1961
The Unremembered
Stuart investigates the case of a cat burglar who wears costumes from old films. He suspects Roland Dumont, an unemployed actor who has not made a film in 20 years, and rents Dumont's estate to get close to the suspect.
3 Nov. 1961
Big Boy Blue
Spencer tries to break through the defensive crust of a trumpet player who appears to fear for his own life.
10 Nov. 1961
The Cold Cash Caper
Hired to investigate a robbery, Bailey has one baffling lead: the theft was perfectly timed - almost like a wartime commando raid.
17 Nov. 1961
The Missing Daddy Caper
New father, Chet Willis, is happy about the state of his life until his sordid past begins to catch up with him.
24 Nov. 1961
The Turning Point
An army buddy of Stu's asks him to be responsible for delinquent Speed Minton. Stu and his friends make progress straightening out the troubled youth but his ex-con brother Nate shows up and tries to draw him back into a criminal life.
1 Dec. 1961
The Deadly Solo
A popular musician Gandy Waters is believed to be the target when a member of his band is murdered. Jeff goes on the road to protect Gandy plus find the killer. He stumbles onto a case of blackmail and a very unhappy wife.
8 Dec. 1961
Reserved for Mr. Bailey
This is a one-man show as Efrem Zimbalist Jr. does a solo performance. Stu Bailey is lured to a desert hide away where an old enemy lies in wait to kill him. Only the enemy's voice is heard and never seen.
15 Dec. 1961
The Navy Caper
Jeff is asked by old naval buddy Captain Ivers to do undercover work at a nearby military base. He brings in Suzanne, Roscoe and Kookie as a yeoman to help protect a top secret computer project. Kookie helps out a lovelorn Harold.
22 Dec. 1961
Bullets for Santa
Santa is killed in the holiday parade on a float with an aging actress. Then the actress is shot at during the Tournament of Roses parade. Jeff is hired to protect her. There are not many suspects, but more incidents. The police are looking foolish. Great cast including Marilyn Maxwell, Yvonne Craig, and Victor Buono.
29 Dec. 1961
The Chrome Coffin
Stu is hired by Montaigne, uncle and guardian to Drake, a wealthy youngster interested in drag racing. Threats have been made against Drake's life unless $100,000 is paid. Stu uses JR and Kookie's car expertise in solving the case.
5 Jan. 1962
The Down Under Caper
Malefactors invade Australian sheep station, looking for gold, and finding something quite different. Roger doesn't get the girl, again, although he did in real life.
12 Jan. 1962
Mr. Bailey's Honeymoon
Stu finds himself in Boler Oklahoma with a wife, a new name and amnesia. With help from Moxie he finds the answer to how he got them.
19 Jan. 1962
Penthouse on Skid Row
Somebody is picking on the inhabitants of an old house, framing or assaulting them one by one. Roger masquerades as a Shakesperean actor on the bum to sort it out. Grace Lee Whitney appears.
26 Jan. 1962
The Diplomatic Caper
Dr. Feld is casting the deciding vote at a European conference. Friend Stu is called in to protect his daughter Michelle from consequences and Kookie helps out. But her undercover identity is threatened by Ross who has misguided ideals.
2 Feb. 1962
The Bridal Trail Caper
A wealthy businessman hires Jeff and J.R. to keep the crowd and reporters away from his wedding and new bride. They end up saving the bride and solving a murder. All in time for the newlyweds to go on their Hawaiian honeymoon.
9 Feb. 1962
Brass Ring Caper
A hitchhiker is used as a set-up for the murder of a strip-club owner's wife and Kookie must find out the truth soon to clear him.
16 Feb. 1962
The Bel Air Hermit
Stu is called upon to investigate why Laurie Cameron is wastingly speculating the family inheritance. He finds that whoever is advising her, however, is an expert, as the stocks soar. However, it is also learned why the Bel Air Hermit is such: he is trying to hide from an organized crime mob.
23 Feb. 1962
The Parallel Caper
Jeff and Kookie unknowingly are working on the same case involving nefarious doings at the San Pedro docks. Kookie is helping old friend Nina while socialite Marianne employs Jeff to get the truth about the family of future in-laws.
2 Mar. 1962
Twice Dead
Tom Lansing needs Stu's help to reconnect with daughter Jean as just freed from prison for killing wife Connie. She prefers the estrangement continue but then Stu learns the murder never happened. But as things improve for Tom, Connie is found dead.
9 Mar. 1962
Jennifer's father and husband have died within the past two years. Jeff Spencer is employed to go to France where Jennifer is living to make sure she doing well.
16 Mar. 1962
Baker Street Caper
Stu, accompanied by Roscoe, just wrapped up a case in England and is relaxing. But a major heist gets their attention and the London police ask for their expertise. It also gives Roscoe a chance to put his Sherlock Holmes knowledge to use.
23 Mar. 1962
The Long Shot Caper
Roscoe is caught in the middle of a mafia hit.
30 Mar. 1962
Violence for Your Furs
A road side diner's unlikely short order cook is Roscoe who's keeping an eye on a truck hijacking suspect and a pretty waitress.
6 Apr. 1962
The Pet Shop Caper
Stu Bailey re-opens a six year old robbery case when the leading suspect re-enters the country disguised as his own lookalike.
13 Apr. 1962
The Steerer
A crooked poker game in a hotel that sets up businessmen leads to a murder. But when Jeff and Kookie team with the police they encounter a cover up where supposedly claim no killing took place.
20 Apr. 1962
Ghost of a Memory
Singing sensation Johnny Main, killed in an airplane crash has an eerie and memorable funeral: his voice is heard during the services.
27 Apr. 1962
The Disappearance
The kidnapping of an national leader pits Bailey against the brainy Doctor Burke (John Dehner) who has an ingenious plan for escaping with $1,000,000 in ransom.
4 May 1962
The Lovely American
Jeff heads to an out of the way Italian villiage to distribute an expatriate's bequest to the inhabitants. But local police Lorenzo is jealous of Jeff and kidnaps but is oblivious to two strangers from Milan intent on getting the cash.
11 May 1962
The Gemmologist Caper
The sleuths get a lesson in intrigue from a notorious international jewel thief who snatches a fortune in gems as they blithely look on.
18 May 1962
Flight from Escondido
Jeff is flying to LA on a flight with a runaway heiress, a sick lad, an anti-Communist Latin American general, and an unhappy couple. When the flight is hijacked by revolutionaries, Jeff must get everyone to stay calm and also take back the plane.
25 May 1962
Dress Rehearsal
Kookie's career as a private detective starts off with a whimper: he's summoned to rescue a wealthy matron's kidnapped dog.
1 Jun. 1962
Framework for a Badge
A killers ability to keep one step ahead of lieutenant Gilmore is having its effect on the policeman's reputation, until Spencer steps in.
8 Jun. 1962
Pattern for a Bomb
Blank walls and false leads abound as Spencer investigates the seemingly motiveless bombing of a delicatessen.
15 Jun. 1962
Stu and JR are lured out of town not knowing it's a subterfuge by Stu's nemesis from his espionage days. Cheva takes both men captive using Nora, a past romance of Bailey's which leaves their futures in doubt.
22 Jun. 1962
Spencer is retained by Mark Wade (Peter Breck), an artist whose dreams of murder have an eerie tinge of reality.
29 Jun. 1962
The Gang's All Here
Stu Bailey is hired to loosen a pool shark's grip on a policeman's rebellious son.

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