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Season 3

16 Sep. 1960
Jeff sees enticing wanted robber Vetta Nygood, tails her to a remote mountain hideout, but her accomplices nab him. The ice-cold gang leader Hammett panics, so he ties & gags Jeff up in the abandoned house's attic. Then the 3 robbers flee after divvying up the loot, before the 4th thug, the menacing Deek arrives to claim his cut. Who gets to Jeff first: a chummy rattlesnake, the cops or the vengeful Deek ?
23 Sep. 1960
The Fanatics
Marcus Raymond hires Baily to accompany him on a sensitive diplomatic mission to Africa after there has been two attempts on his life.
30 Sep. 1960
The President's Daughter
Jeff and Rex are hired to find the daughter of the former president before she is executed by the new regime.
7 Oct. 1960
The Office Caper
Just before Stu sings lead in a mob trial, a toy manufacturer moves into 77 Sunset Strip, with no furniture but lots of ammo and suspicious visitors, especially a sinister couple who rub everybody the wrong way. Roscoe knows the head of the assassins, who hires Roscoe to courier a secret toy design from San Diego.
14 Oct. 1960
The Widescreen Caper
Astrologer predicts murder will strike the same film fest again, once more claiming someone close to super-agent Shelly Blair. Bailey & Spencer have no trouble mobilizing all their young male ops to protect Shelly's 4 starlet clients (MM, Lotus Lee, Sprite Simpson, Helga Haller), while Roscoe draws an ex-silent film diva, and Suzanne shields an ego-maniacal French heartthrob.
21 Oct. 1960
The Negotiable Blonde
A duplicitous blonde swipes $500,000 from her employer/fiancé, after he hired Jeff Spencer to accompany her and a satchel of negotiable bonds from San Francisco to L.A. She gives Jeff the slip, along with another, much younger fiancé. When Jeff suspects she's fled to Acapulco, fiancé number II joins the chase.
28 Oct. 1960
The Laurel Canyon Caper
Crooner, who's finally cracked the big screen, is suspected of rubbing out scandal sheet publisher Ransome, for threatening to expose the singer's rap sheet. Bailey & Spencer's new gumshoe Rex Randolph sets out to nab the killer, to prove the golden throat's innocence. High on Rex's checklist of suspects is comic Chick Little, who may be another of Ransome's blackmail pigeons.
4 Nov. 1960
Double Trouble
Is Stu moonlighting as a Mafia hit man or could he just be an exact double for Sandy the Executioner? Kefauver's G-Men summon ex-CIA spook Stu Bailey inside the Beltway, to find out before New York's Silk Cipriano has his contract fulfilled on rival narcotics dealer California Baldy Mike Hannigan, sparking a bi-coastal gang war.
11 Nov. 1960
Trouble in the Middle East
Jeff rescues a Middle Eastern leader's daughter from a mob while vacationing.
18 Nov. 1960
The Duncan Shrine
The funeral of a revered old Western star gets surreal when his huge statue is stolen. The embarrassed Hollywood cemetery hires Jeff Spencer to get the statue back, but gets way more they expect. Jeff's investigation uncovers sex, lies, blackmail, decaying nitrate film, and murder suspects galore.
25 Nov. 1960
The Double Death of Benny Markham
While in England, Jeff is asked by his light-fingered friend, Benny, to help him find who hired him for a job in Liverpool. Unknown to Benny he stole a radioactive isotope. He was not warned of the danger of coming in contact with it. They only have two weeks to find who did this to Benny before he dies from the radiation poisoning.
2 Dec. 1960
The Antwerp Caper
Manet the magician schemes to pay off his gambling debts by reuniting his assistant with her wealthy parents, back in California. To verify that the beautiful young woman's really the daughter who disappeared in World War II Europe, the parents hire Stu Bailey to fly to Antwerp to investigate.
9 Dec. 1960
The Affairs of Adam Gallante
Newlywed Adam Gallante disappears, then someone keeps trying to kill his naive bride Alice. Bloodhounds Spencer and Kookie find out that the meek-looking Gallante, a traveling women's clothing salesman, had paramours all over, including Sheila Storm, seer Karma Onyx, and Peaches Schultz.
16 Dec. 1960
The Valley Caper
Rex is hired to protect an up and coming actress Abigail Allen pretending to be a fellow performer. He gets emotionally involved as he learns an ex-con is a suspect but it's the woman's secrets that put her in the most danger.
23 Dec. 1960
The Dresden Doll
Spencer is to be the Stewart's bodyguard, a couple where the husband is an older man married to the attractive Dolly. She makes a play for Jeff and he discovers her ex-con old boyfriend which puts several lives at risk.
30 Dec. 1960
The Rice Estate
Eunice Rice is in dire financial straits, a recent widow of an unhappy marriage, who is being blackmailed by an unknown stranger.
6 Jan. 1961
The Hamlet Caper
An egocentric actor has a series of "accidents" causing the nervous producer of the show the actor is in to hire Rex to solve who is trying to off the pompous actor. Lots of suspects, but thanks to a poisoned canteen the killer is found.
13 Jan. 1961
The Man in the Mirror
A man with split personality hires Bailey and Spencer to protect him from his would-be murderer--his own alter ego.
20 Jan. 1961
The College Caper
Bailey and Kookie enter college--as teacher and student--to protect a gangster's football-hero son.
27 Jan. 1961
Mr. Goldilocks
Jeff trails a jewel thief into the desert, only to have the thief and his girlfriend turn the tables on him.
3 Feb. 1961
The Corsican Caper
Suzanne is swindled in a confidence scheme and then becomes a murder suspect when the con man turns up dead.
10 Feb. 1961
Once Upon a Caper
Jeff recounts how he took in struggling nerd Stu as junior partner, after Jeff rescued a beauty from a kidnapping plus nabbed a car ring single-handed, after bow-tied, all-thumbs Stu botched the car theft investigation. Jeff's princely version of the origin of 77 Sunset Strip is in response to Rex making a rash mistake by asking Jeff how their agency started. As a true detective, Rex needs all the facts to close a case, so he grills Stu for his version of the events.
17 Feb. 1961
Strange Bedfellows
Jeff is hired by Maritza, a much married socialite to steal her jewels in an insurance scam. When he turns her down she frames him for theft. But it's her missing love letters that have several Hollywood lotharios on edge.
24 Feb. 1961
Face in the Window
A starlet is being stalked-until she shoots him. Rex finds that though she says she has no idea who he was, he was connected to an upcoming film she and her western star husband are invested in.
3 Mar. 1961
Tiger by the Tail
The boys are given the job of protecting the prince of Banar while he tours the United States. Kooki falls heavily for the prince's daughter, which could potentially have deadly consequences for him.
10 Mar. 1961
The Space Caper
Jeff enters the world of espionage when he is asked to impersonate a brilliant scientist. He must keep up the subterfuge as he tries to ferret out who might be passing on intelligence to the nation's enemies.
17 Mar. 1961
Open and Close in One
Baxter Kellogg, a former star, is attempting a comeback but loses his luck charm at a party. Stu is hired to locate it but finds instead a secretive wife, a resentful nephew, an unemployed starlet plus a blackmailer who meets misfortune.
24 Mar. 1961
The Legend of Leckonby
Jeff is asked by Lt. Gilmore to look into the disappearance of $85,000 hidden by gambler Stanley, recently out of prison. Jeff gets nowhere as his fiance Francine and friends claim ignorance. But a murder changes the investigation's course.
31 Mar. 1961
Old Card Sharps Never Die
Rex heads to an old mining town, hired by the local boss Henning. After he turns down the job he's prevented from leaving. He becomes involved with Notch who holds the deed to a valuable claim that several of the locals want their hands on.
7 Apr. 1961
Vamp 'til Ready
Stu is hired to find a missing husband, David Todd a once well known pianist who left the spotlight. Stu finds him playing at out of the way club where David insists his wife wants him back to murder him. Events unfold that the investigator must untangle.
14 Apr. 1961
The Common Denominator
Lt. Gilmore enlists Jeff when he's perplexed by a series of unrelated murders. Spencer's work reveals all had a connection to boats plus spoke French. Jeff enlists Suzanne's help but an encounter with a surly marina owner puts her at risk.
21 Apr. 1961
The 6 Out of 8 Caper
Meek bookkeeper Wilmer Zaleski picks 6 of 8 winners every day at the track, attracting the attention of hoods Flip & Schoolboy plus a statuesque billionaire track dilettante. Babs hires Stu to find out Zaleski's secret, while the strong-arms pummel Wilmer and kidnap his daughter. Maverick's a sure bet to win, but Roscoe has to pull an all-nighter to pick the other 5, to draw the kidnappers out in the open.
28 Apr. 1961
The Celluloid Cowboy
Jeff is hired by Fay Dakota to protect her estranged husband Flint on the set of his comeback western. A series of mishaps have plagued the film plus Flint's interest in starlet Rhonda creates complications as Jeff and Roscoe work as extras.
5 May 1961
The Eyes of Love
When Stu's pilot friend Hal is fired for reporting a dead body that disappears Stu decides to help. An vehicle search reveals the involvement of advice columnist Amanda Strong and her gigolo husband Bowman that raises suspicions.
12 May 1961
Designing Eye
Jeff is hired by a high end swimwear company to discover why their new designs appear first at their primary competition. Jeff places Suzanne as a model at the firm that unravels a complicated series of deceptions.
19 May 1961
Caper in E Flat
Morton Franklin hires Rex to find out who is trying to kill his client, singer Billy Boy Baines.
27 May 1961
Hot Tamale Caper: Part I
While Bailey and Spencer are out, Randolph takes an assignment from a mysterious South American girl, but he's apparently killed en route to her country when his plane explodes. The other detectives suspect he was actually kidnapped.
2 Jun. 1961
Hot Tamale Caper: Part II
Randolph awakens from a drugged state to find he has been kidnapped by a banana republic's crooked politicos, and forced to impersonate a dead leader the people trust. Bailey and Spencer enlist Kookie and Roscoe to help in a rescue mission.
9 Jun. 1961
The Positive Negative
Rex is engaged by Gunnar Isis, a ruthless international tycoon, to guard a priceless diamond tiara. When it is stolen from his mistress, lovely ballerina Amanda Sant, Rex is thrown into a maze of murderers, blackmailers and Nazis.

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