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So-So Cartoon, And NOT An Oscar Winner
ccthemovieman-124 April 2007
First of all, to correct one reviewer, this was not "an Academy Award Winning Cartoon." It was nominated, but did not win. That was justice, too, because this was nothing spectacular to begin with. In fact, if you've seen a number of Droop animated films, this ranks in the middle-to-lower half.

However, it was kind of "cute" with Droopy as the little knight, "Sir Droop-A-Lot.," competing with Butch, "Sir Wince-A-Lot" for the hand of the fair princess. A dragon has been terrorizing the area and the king has offered his beautiful daughter's hand to the knight that can slay the dragon.

The two little contestants then go out to battle the Dragon. The dragon just scoffs at these foes and makes mincemeat out of them in a hurry each time. Only when he insults Sir Droop-A-Lot by drawing a mustache and goatee on a picture of his beloved princess, does Droopy show his stuff. It was like Popeye eating his spinach and that finale was very good.
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Good (but not great) Droopy cartoon that treads very familiar ground
llltdesq24 July 2001
This cartoon, while it has its moments and is very good, is really not that exceptional and really isn't much more than a redo of two earlier Droopy cartoons directed by Tex Avery (Senor Droopy and Homesteader Droopy) and while Michael Lah does a good job, why it was nominated for an Oscar is a trifle puzzling. There were certainly better cartoons in 1957 that weren't (Touche and Go, Mucho Mouse and even Blackboard Jumble, another Droopy), so its nomination "is a puzzlement", so to speak. Recommended.
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The Hilarious 1958 Academy Award Winning Cartoon!
NativeTexan21 October 2006
Well, I guess even Academy Award winning cartoons can't please everybody, but the gentleman from Tucson who thought this was "good but not great" is dead wrong! True, the animation is not the quality of the Golden Age of Cartoons, but this cartoon ISN'T about the animation. The script and the characters are by turns dry, witty, uproariously funny, and finally fall-down hilarious. Bill Thompson deserved his own Oscar for voicing both Droopy and Butch -- talk about two extremes! And keeping Knight Butchalot's Irish accent was a touch of comic genius. Even though this was a Droopy cartoon, the Dragon steals the show with his utter disdain and complete disregard of Sir Droopalot as an adversary, shunting him aside in hilarious ways and giving all his attention to the macho Sir Buchalot. This is a truly great cartoon that lives up to its Oscar win!
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Despite being decades past the LOVING incident . . .
pixrox126 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
. . . America still hasn't caught up to ONE DROOPY KNIGHT. In the sordid, salacious salad of Hollywood sleaze and smut, Droopy's smirk as he handles his post-coital cigar in his final "lap dog" scene with the human princess definitely connotes MORE than "just a smoke." Jerzy Kosinski tried his best to popularize inter-species assignations for a squeamish American Public with his seminal novel THE PAINTED BIRD, but a God-fearing nation could not stomach such "Eurotrash" Art. (On the Big Screen, Ms. "L.S. Boreman" attempted to score with a live-action ONE DROOPY KNIGHT remake over the objections of her co-star Rin-Tin-Tin, earning only a prominent spot in the PETA Hall of Shame.) One could argue that certain primates are likelier to gain acceptance as kosher human paramours than canines ever will, but don't tell that to M-G-M's animation department. Though this Band of Hypocrites did more to uphold America's "Jim Crow" agenda in the 1900s than any other movie studio with its feature film fare, they saw no inconsistency with promoting mixed-species marriages when churning out such kids' fare as ONE DROOPY KNIGHT. (And if Mr. Kosinski got his biology right, such a pairing would be anything but droopy!)
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Battle of the Droopy and Butch knights
TheLittleSongbird12 October 2017
Love animation, it was a big part of my life as a child, particularly Disney, Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry, and still love it whether it's film, television or cartoons.

'One Droopy Knight' is Michael Lah's third solo-directed Droopy cartoon, and while it is not as good as his first one 'Grin and Share It' (one of his better efforts) it is much better than the disappointing 'Blackboard Jumble'. Ranking Lah's Droopy cartoons, it's somewhere in the middle perhaps. Also don't agree with the Oscar nomination with it not being in the same league as even the lesser Tex Avery Droopy cartoons (which managed to still be very good) and being one of the weaker nominees.

That sounds as if 'One Droopy Knight' is terrible. It isn't, far from it. It just isn't up to top Droopy standards that's all. It does lack Avery's unique visual style, creativity and wild wackiness, and while nothing is done terribly it's a case of feeling a bit bland at times.

When it comes to the humour, 'One Droopy Knight' is very amusing, love Droopy and Butch's knight names, and everything is well timed, present and correct. It's just that not much is hilarious or particularly creative. Droopy is humorous and charismatic as usual but he has been better used and written before. Again, the animation is not awful but the drop in quality is significant from the animation in Avery's output (know it is unfair comparing to Avery all the time, but in this case it's very difficult not to when he created Droopy and was responsible for a vast majority of his filmography), the backgrounds are unimaginative and plain and while the colours are very nice and there is good attention to detail there is a lack of refinement and the creativity of Avery's trademark visuals are missed.

However, despite how all this sounds, 'One Droopy Knight' is amusing and well timed. Droopy is always worth watching and so is Butch, who is the funnier and more interesting character here. The conflict and how it all transpires is not hard to figure out but the chemistry between the two is so strong that it's forgivable.

Bill Thompson's voice work is marvellous, one cannot imagine anybody else voicing Droopy, and Lah really doesn't do too bad a job with the cartoon but considering the brilliance of Avery's output it's not quite as inspired. The best thing is the music score. The music, courtesy of Scott Bradley, is lushly and cleverly orchestrated, with lively and energetic rhythms and fits very well indeed.

Altogether, not bad at all but didn't wow me over. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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An average fairytale.
OllieSuave-0076 February 2018
This is an average fairytale, where Droopy and Butch try to slay a dragon and be awarded with marrying the King's daughter. The names given to the two main characters were quite funny - Droop-A-Lot and Butch-A-Lot.

The part where Butch made Droopy snap the Princess' finger in his helmet was the funniest part in the cartoon, I think. Other than that, it's really a mediocre and average fairytale with lesser laughs.

Grade C
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Droopy as a knight Warning: Spoilers
"One Droopy Knight", the title already tells us is a Droopy cartoon that takes place during the medieval era. Droopy and another dog wear knight's clothing and they have to defeat a dragon in order to be allowed to marry the princess. So most of this 7-minute cartoon is about Droopy and his rival trying to take out the dragon, but they have no chance until the dragon makes a grave mistake. Don't mess with Droopy's girl! This was a mediocre watch I guess. There were some fine moments, even one or two pretty funny scenes, but overall it is not better than most of the other cartoons from that time or even from 15-20 years earlier, maybe even worse. You probably need to love Droopy to appreciate this one. I don't and that's why I give it a thumbs down. Not a failure, but I still don't recommend it. I cannot agree with the Oscar nomination here.
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